First Act of the Territorial Legislature, 1822

From: Acts of the Territorial Legislature and Acts of the Legislature, 1822-Present, Series S222

First Act of the Territorial Legislature, 1822


he may award supersedias, to stop the operation of the judgment,
until the matters thereof could be heard in the said Superior Court, the
supersedias shall be issued by the clerk of said Court, and be obeyed by
the clerk and sheriff of the Inferior Courts respectively.

6. Be it further enacted, that, the Superior Court shall have pow-
er to award a certiorari, mandamus, or prohibition which shall be obeyed
by the Inferior Courts respectively.

7. Be it further enacted, that, there shall be appointed by the
governor in each County a well qualified clerk, whose duty it shall
be to record all decrees, orders, judgments, and other papers required by
Law and to preserve all papers appertaining to suits in said Courts, and
to Docket all causes as required by Law, and who shall take an oath
faithfully to perform the duties which have and may hereafter be assigned
him, and execute bonds in the Secretary's office of the Territory, or such
other place as the Governor shall direct, in the penalty of Five Thous-