First Act of the Territorial Legislature, 1822

From: Acts of the Territorial Legislature and Acts of the Legislature, 1822-Present, Series S222

First Act of the Territorial Legislature, 1822


writ of error, from the Inferior to the Superior Court.

4. Be it further enacted, That if either party may desire to appeal
from the judgment of the Inferior Court he may file his bill of
exceptions to the opinion of said Court, praying that it may be signed,
sealed and made a part of the record, and it shall be the duty of
the Inferior Judge to inspect the said bill, and if it contain[s] the
evidence or point decided correctly and precisely, he shall sign, seal and
certify the same to the Superior Court.

5. Be it further enacted, That, should the party neglect to take an
appeal, he may at any time thereafter, before the final execution of the
judgment, procure a copy of the record, and if there be any error in
the proceedings, he may assign said error, and present it to the super-
ior court and should the Judge of said court be of opinion that
injustice had been done, or that there was an error in the proceeding,