Reports of Investigators on Meetings of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Ku Klux Klan

From: Florida Legislative Investigation Committee, Records, 1954-1965, Series S 1486

Reports of Investigators on Meetings of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Ku Klux Klan


27 July-JB- page

Among Ocala guests introduced were white man, identified as [redacted], representing AP, who, [redacted] said "got fired from the radio station for telling the news as it was;" [redacted], Negro, introduced as the first Negro reporter ever hired by the Ocala Star-Banner, and a Negro named [redacted]

Checked with [redacted] Saturday morning, 7/25, and plans for testing lagging, first set for 9:30, still no action by 1:30, by which time I departed for Lake City. Meanwhile had visited with [redacted] and talked briefly with him. Asked information about known Klansmen in St. Augustine area, and he gave me [duplicate] of [redacted] Miami Herald story of 6/14/64, which was based on interview with [redacted]. Basis of [redacted] background information on [redacted] appears to be [redacted] testimony from federal court appearance before Judge [redacted],in which [redacted] [allegedly] asked [redacted] if the [Ancient] City Gun Club (or Hunt Club) wasn't merely a Klan front.

[redacted] said [redacted] simply was "doorman" or errand-boy for the respectable members of the club, until catapulted into prominence at the court hearing, at which time he was identified as president of the club. This hearing also appears to be the basis of the LIFE article of June 12, in which reference was made of Monson Motor Lodge, and other "respectable" club members apparently had relinquished control to [redacted]

[redacted] said [redacted], of Bozard Ford Co., was hunt club member, and showed placard which he said was found in a car which had been sent to Ford place for repair. The card bore the inked inscription -- from [board] inking instrument, [apparently] a marking [pen] " DR. KING_ WHY DON'T YOU LEAD YOUR FILTHY SAVAGES BACK TO AFRICA? BEFORE WE LEAD THEM TO A GAS CHAMBER? ...the sign also bore a swastika drawing, and the letters at the bottom - N.S.A.W.P. & S.A.

([redacted] also said that Sheriff [redacted] and businessman [redacted] whose name I have not heard before, were members of [Ancient City Hunt Club]).

[redacted] said immediate future plans include court hearing Tuesday, 28 July on suit against some 19 restaurant owners, and continued testing of restaurants. The case against several alleged Klansmen, including [redacted] [redacted], et al, for intimidation of businessmen, has been continued to Aug. 7.

[redacted] also said to his knowledge, Martin Luther King will return to St. Augustine around the first of August.