Reports of Investigators on Meetings of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Ku Klux Klan

From: Florida Legislative Investigation Committee, Records, 1954-1965, Series S 1486

Reports of Investigators on Meetings of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Ku Klux Klan


SH from JB

27 July, 1964

St. Augustine Klan rally for 24 July cancelled, with statement this would enable preparation for motorcade to Lake City KKK rally set for 25 July.

This enabled attendance at SCLC mass meeting in First Baptist Church 8 p.m. 24 July.

[Program] under direction of [redacted] Reports were made by [redacted] student in charge of voter registration, in which he said progress was good, but urged continuous effort; and [redacted] ([redacted] of Houston, Texas) in charge of SCLC testing program of Civil Rights law compliance.

Lingo rather jubilant over issuance of warrants for [redacted]. [redacted] [redacted] [redacted], [redacted] and [redacted] [redacted] in connection with cross-burning on private property (the cross burned several nights at same location, which apparently is owned by City Banking Co., St. Augustine) this site is vacant field just north of Dobbs Brothers Book Bindery plant, just off State Road 207, just south of St. Augustine.

[redacted] advised the some 100 persons present that "we're going after these Klansmen"., and implied the five warrants issued were the work of SCLC, when actually they resulted from apparent investigation by State Attorney [redacted]

[redacted] said "we're going after the Klansmen with cameras," and that photographers would be included in testing crews at restaurants, to get pictures if any of the testing crews were attacked. In later reference to this, [redacted] said [redacted] SCLC member from Atlanta, would be the cameraman.

[redacted] also made a long prefatory speech, in which he had some interesting [remarks] about the Harlem situation. He said the N.Y. police department would not allow any Negroes to be cops in Harlem, because of the important position and the access for graft,..dope, prostitution, etc. "if you want any dope, you see the cop on the beat."

Usual "freedom songs" routine followed..tried taping some of this, and [redacted] remarks, but acoustics were lousy.

Dr. [redacted] St. Augustine dentist and SCLC president late in arriving, with party of guests from Ocala, including the [redacted]., who was principal speaker. Most of [redacted] speech taped, but poor reproduction.

[redacted] reported he resigned as school teacher to help promote integration, and that before the effort was completed school superintendent would welcome him back.