Reports of Investigators on Meetings of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Ku Klux Klan

From: Florida Legislative Investigation Committee, Records, 1954-1965, Series S 1486

Reports of Investigators on Meetings of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Ku Klux Klan


lake city 25 july page 2

Speaker then read remarks, lasting about 45 minutes, very slowly, citing Jew-Communist-Negro threat to America, and said conspiracy to turn U.S. over to Communist rule was headed by Council on Foreign Relations. He said the CFR could be considered the Senate of an invisible government, or establishment, dedicated to this cause, and the House of Representatives was the Foreign Policy Association.

One man seated near me about 15 yards from speaker's platform, a truck asked identity of speaker. Man next to him didn't know, neither did I. [redacted] then came by and told the man, in [answer] to repeated query, that speaker was "[redacted]" (or that was my interpretation of the sound the name ... Rice later said the name was [redacted]

Speaker said he had long been involved in patriotic activities, and had been associated with the America First organization since 1919.

He urged responsible opposition [to] Civil Rights law, and integration efforts. He said that "these bombing are not the way.. they are the work of irresponsible people, you might call them juvenile delinquents."

([redacted] who was still talking with the unidentified man on my left, then mentioned "them boys they picked up in St. Augustine didn't have anything to do with it," regarding the Monson Motor Lodge fire-bombing. He said "I talked to them at 6:30 that morning, when I was passing through on the truck").

[redacted] informed the crowd that he had inquired of State Attorney General as to what law was regarding bearing arms in Florida, and read statement signed by [redacted] regarding Florida law, which permits keeping pistol in glove compartment of car.

[redacted] said illegal seizures have been made, of weapons, and that victims could sue.

He recommended non-violence at present, and said that all hands should keep their weapons available for the day they would be called upon to to rise up and defend the whiteman.

[redacted] also read a 10-point recommendation for opposing the conspiracy, which calls for providing weapons, secrecy, refusing to give information to law enforcement officials, providing food, and propaganda efforts.

[redacted] was still talking to man on my left, and said of speaker "he's too educated for these people." He also said there were some present who didn't want [redacted] to speak, and that he felt the question of whether [redacted] should speak should be left up to the crowd.

However, when [redacted] finished, another appeal for contributions was made by first Klansman to speak, and more funds collected. This man then said the sole purpose of the meeting had been to collect money to aid the family of the wounded man, and "for no other purpose". Then asked over