Letter Regarding the Great Miami Hurricane, 1926

From: N2013-15

Letter Regarding the Great Miami Hurricane, 1926


had been blown all over the place and the owner was busy salvaging what he could all the time shouting “Open for business, same place, same prices” yes it was funny, he picked up a dozen apples for us. How good they tasted. We came across a place where they were serving hot coffee and it was hot I had two cups of that and felt like a million dollars.

In the morning before the coffee was made they got water-soaked bread, meat, was O.K. if you like it all by itself, and bananas. I had a banana but as there was no water to be had I didn’t attempt the meat.

When we came back from looking over the remains of the town, they had quite a force working in the kitchen and a [sic] 5:30 they served Irish Stew picnic fashion in the one-time beautiful lounge.

Part of the roof was blown off during the second half of the storm and all the plaster came off