Letter Regarding the Great Miami Hurricane, 1926

From: N2013-15

Letter Regarding the Great Miami Hurricane, 1926


room were barred. The dining room faces south and north west and all French windows. In an hour there wasn’t a whole pane of glass in that room, and the kitchen the same. In the grille on the ground floor, the water was over the tops of the tables and the[y] floated at will. The ocean and bay met there and we were sure it would wash away the foundation and the building would collapse.

Wouldn’t you think the people in the hotel would have been in hysterics, fainting, and what not? Everyone was as calm outwardly as if nothing more than a thunderstorm was in progress. Some were crying silently, some and perhaps all of them were praying too.

We could see the water getting higher every hour and that’s a long time when every minute you’re expecting a building to crush in on you. Couldn’t go outside coz the wind would blow you into the bay and perhaps on the roof of a building. It was