Letter Regarding the Great Miami Hurricane, 1926

From: N2013-15

Letter Regarding the Great Miami Hurricane, 1926


and his mother seeing him coming so fast opened the front door and when she did the suction took the kitchen from the rear of the house and smashed it into the garage. Just fancy you open the front door and the kitchen blows out the back.

A family living four miles from a dairy, found three cows wading round in their back yard. They still had them one week from the storm. People hadn’t picked up all their belongings in that time.

People living within a block or two of the ocean were dodging big fish, and when dodging them were falling over the others on the floor. Plenty of fish, but no one had any desire to fish. One man got hit so hard in the head by a big fish as it came thru the window that it knocked him out. The snappers weighed anywhere