Letter Regarding the Great Miami Hurricane, 1926

From: N2013-15

Letter Regarding the Great Miami Hurricane, 1926


A family of seven, mother and father killed and the five children safe. Hundreds of cases just as pathetic.

That night in Hollywood eight of us had to sleep in one room, had mattresses and blankets, that’s all, no nighties, nor luxuries such as water to wash our faces, mine hadn’t been washed since Friday night. Another girl and myself decided we’d go into thru the dormitory, if necessary, take a dead man from his bed for one night. It wasn’t as bad as that, coz in the corridor we found two singles. We took one, leaving the other in case someone came in in [duplication in citation] the night and needed it.

The next day I waited in line an hour for a permit to get back in town. The roads were open north to as many folks who wanted to leave, but no traveling south.

I told them I was working at the Beach, and after asking when I left, why I left and how I got to Hollywood, and informing me I couldn’t come back here they