Letter Regarding the Great Miami Hurricane, 1926

From: N2013-15

Letter Regarding the Great Miami Hurricane, 1926


Took off my shoes and dress, if I was to be knocked about by the wind or picked out of the debris I didn’t want it to be in voile pajamas. How the wind howled, but I went sound asleep. My room mate came in about 10:30, the rain had beaten in the telephone room and as she didn’t fancy soaking her feet, stockings and shoes in rain water, she left the board. Wake up this morning feeling groggy, as we had no air all night, to find a gentle breeze blowing, nice blue sky and our grand and glorious sunshine everywhere. That for the blow of Oct. 20. The blow of Sept. 18th is a far different story.

The first I heard of that was Friday afternoon, when my boyfriend called me on the phone and told me not to go out on a boat as I had planned on doing. We were to dine and dance on the water that evening. He told me were were [duplication in original] going to get some heavy winds around eleven or twelve.

After dinner I decided to rest for an hour before dressing. I stretched out very comfortably and the next thing I knew my room mate woke me up saying “You’ve