H. Lee (Henry Lee IV) to Judge Woodward (Augustus Brevoort Woodward) September 15, 1824

From: Florida Supreme Court case files, Series 49, Wallet 774

Letter from Brent to Lee


Major Lee

at Brown’s Hotel

Washington City

Geo. Town 13 Septr 1824


I have examined the papers submitted to me. I advise you to enter the claim with the Land Commissioners of Florida. The form of doing it, is, to file by yourself or agent a notice with the Commissioners describing the Land claimed [?] This must be accompanied by the original grant (or until it can be processed, the copy will answer) to Thos Brown, the deed to Genl Lee and the evidence of the title by which you claim. The original grant may be necessary, as it may contain the Great Seal of the British Governor attached to his mark, which may amount to an application upon the part of his Government. The sooner this is done, the better as the time will [?] for the [?] of claims. Your [?] sense or the [?] an agent in Florida may be necessary.

Most respectfully

Wm. Brent