H. Lee (Henry Lee IV) to Judge Woodward (Augustus Brevoort Woodward) September 15, 1824

From: Florida Supreme Court case files, Series 49, Wallet 774

Power of Attorney


or Bankers or such Public Stocks or funds and for that purpose in my name to give all requisite and proper drafts cheques receipts and orders for money and also to make sale of all of any part of the Stocks or funds in which the said money shall or may be invested as aforesaid and to lodge and deposit or invest the produce thereof in like manner as before mentioned and as so for me and in my name place and stead to make draw accept indorse and negotiate all and singular such promissory notes bills or Exchange orders for money or other securities whatsoever as shall or may be requisite or expedient so be by me made drawn accepted indorsed or negotiated in or touching and such business dealings transactions or concerns And also to state make up adjust and finally settle accounts and all matters of account between me and all and every persons or persons whomsoever in England the West Indies or elsewhere and to make all such allowances deductions and abatements therein as to my said attorney shall seem meet and for me and in my name to subscribe such accounts and to pay or receive the amount or balances of the same as the case may be & to take or sign all necessary receipts acquittances and discharges as need may require and also for me and in my name place and stead to use and take all such wages and means for the recovering and getting in all such sum and sums of money goods chattels or effects in the Island of Saint Vincents or elsewhere in the West Indies as my said attorney shall think most fit and proper and in particular for me and in my name to conduct prosecute or contend both and either of two certain causes or Suits now depending entitled “Moss [?] Brown and “Brown [?] Moss” and now carrying on in the High Court of Chancery in England and also at the Island of Saint Vincents in the West Indies as with in respect of a Debt due from one the said Thomas Browne to the said John Moss and the Securities for the same as in respect of certain Debts due on the several accounts from me the said Thomas Browne to John Moss James moss the Younger and David Tuohy of the Bahama Islands in the West Indies aforesaid Merchants And generally to act in the conduct and management of these two suits or causes in particular, as he my said attorney shall in his discretion think most proper and he advised