H. Lee (Henry Lee IV) to Judge Woodward (Augustus Brevoort Woodward) September 15, 1824

From: Florida Supreme Court case files, Series 49, Wallet 774

Power of Attorney


and of the Counterpart and Counterparts thereof and all [?] duties thereon the other moiety or half part thereof being always to be paid by the person or persons to whom such lease or leases shall from time to time be granted and also for me and in my name to accept of all such capital Stock in the Bank of England as I have already bought or contracted to buy or shall hereafter buy or contract to buy of any person or persons and whomsoever upon the transferring thereof according to the usual manner of transferring the said Stock and to pay such sum and sums or money or consideration for the purchase of all such capital Stock upon the transferring thereof from time to time as I shall in that behalf order and direct and as for me and in my name and on my behalf and to and for my own proper side and benefit to sell and transfer all or any of such Stock as I now have or shall buy or purchase in the said Bank of England to such person and persons and in such manner as I shall or many from time to time direct and appoint and also for my use to receive the monies or considerations which shall become due or payable for or upon the Sale or transfer of all or any such Stock as he my said attorney shall so sell or transfer for or on my account as aforesaid and to give all proper and requisite discharged for the same and also for me and in my name and to and for my side and benefit to underwrite and subscribe all and every such policy and policies of assurance as my said attorney shall on this judgment think for and also for me and in my name to adjust and settle all losses and returns of Premises upon such policy or policies of assurance and also for me and in my name place and stead to manage conduct and carry on all and singular the business dealings transactions and concerns on which I am or shall be engaged and to make and enter into all contracts and agreements and to buy sell import and export all goods wares and merchandises and to sign and give all orders and receipts whatsoever which shall or may be requisite or advisable in any wise touching the said business dealings transactions or concerns and also for me and in my name to lodge and deposit all money and securities for money of or belonging to me with any Banker or Bankers or to invest the same in any of the Public Stocks or funds and from time to time to drew withdraw demand receive and take any such money or Securities for money of the value and amount thereof from and out of the hands custody and possession of such Banker