H. Lee (Henry Lee IV) to Judge Woodward (Augustus Brevoort Woodward) September 15, 1824

From: Florida Supreme Court case files, Series 49, Wallet 774

Power of Attorney


into and upon all or any part of the said Premises and thereto [?] for such rents or arrears of Rent as shall be so due and in arrear and the distress and distreees then & there found to take lead rive carry away and impound and impound to detain and keep and to give notice of such distress and distresses and in case the same shall not be [?] and the rents and arrears of Rent with Charges of distress be not paid within five days then to sell and dispose thereof according to the statue in that case made and provided And also for me and in my name to commence and prosecute any action or actions suits or suits in any court or courts of law or Equity for recovery of the said rents and arrears of rents tythes or any other debt duty matter or thing whatsoever due doing coming of belonging to me for or in respect of the said premises or any part or parts thereof and the same action or actions suit or suits to prosecute and follow or to discontinue or become not suit therein if he my said attorney shall see cause and upon payment recover or receipt of the same Rents and arrears of rents by tythes debt or duty or any part thereof for me and in my name either jointly or severally to sign and give acquittances and discharges for the same and also to view search and see the state condition and defects of the reparation of my said Estates and forthwith to give proper notices and directions for recovering the same and generally to oversee set let manage and improve the same to the best advantage And also from time to time to fell or cut down any wood or Underwood Timber or other Trees standing or being on any of the said Lands & Hereditaments which I have power to cut down as my said attorney may see fit and the same to sell and dispose of or allow of repairs or otherwise in or about the said premises And generally to repair and uphold or take down and build all or any houses negro huts edifices or buildings in and upon the said Lands and hereditaments as occasion shall be and require or do any other act or thing for the improvement of the same and also to settler all accounts with the Tenants or occupiers and all other persons who shall be tenants or occupiers of the said premises or any part of parts thereof and to allow them all such sum or sums of money as ought to be allowed or reimbursed to him her or them for his her or their disbursements for Taxes repairs or otherwise for or in respect of the premises which he she or they shall occupy And I do hereby authorize empower and direct my said attorney by with and out of the said Rents and arrears of Rents by the debts or duties so to be by them received and recovered as aforesaid after such deductions as aforesaid to pay and discharge all free quit leasehold and other Rents together with all Taxes [?] charges dues deductions expenses and other payments whatsoever due and payable or to grow due and payable for or on account of the Manors Plantations Estates Messages Lands Hereditaments and other the premises of me the said Thomas Browne and