H. Lee (Henry Lee IV) to Judge Woodward (Augustus Brevoort Woodward) September 15, 1824

From: Florida Supreme Court case files, Series 49, Wallet 774

Power of Attorney


my name and as my act and deed to sign deal deliver & execute any Deed or Deeds surrender or surrenders or other Instrument or Instruments whatsoever that shall or may be thought expedient for the conveying assigning surrendering and assuring of the said promises or any part thereof and all my estate Right Title and Interest therein in manner aforesaid and also for me in my name to receive and take of and from the purchaser and purchasers of the said premises or the person or persons with whom I shall be so jointly served or possessed as aforesaid of any consideration money for in respect of the same and for me and on my name to give receipts or other effectual acquittances and discharges to such purchaser or purchasers or such other person or persons for the said consideration money and the money to arise from such sales and to be secured on any partition as aforesaid [?] out and in out in Government or real securities as he my said attorney shall think for and upon any such partition as aforesaid to accept a conveyance transfer or surrender of the Manors Plantations Estates negroes Messages Farms Lands Tythes Tenements & Hereditaments which shall on any such partition be allotted to me to hold in severalty and also to transpose or transfer any mortgages or other securities which my said attorney may take for any monies which from time to time may have arisen from such Sale or Sales and may have been places out on such securities and I do hereby further authorize direct and appoint my said attorney by with and out of the purchase money for the said premises or any part thereof so like by them received as aforesaid to pay and satisfy all the costs charges and expenses or making out the Title to the said premises so to be sold and disposed of as aforesaid and of all other acts matters and things which shall be done or transacted retained to or in consequence of such sale and disposition and which shall be incumbent on me to pay and satisfy as render thereof and also to pay and discharge all and every sum and sums of money and all Interest [?] and to grow due for the same by virtue of any mortgage mortgages or other security or securities made or to be made by me or my said attorney of the said premises and also to pay to such mortgage and mortgages his her and their executors administrators and assigns or any of them all and every such sum and sums or monies as shall be done or suing on account of such mortgage or mortgages or other security or securities as aforesaid And I do empower my said attorney [?] such sale and disposition shall be made of the said premises as aforesaid to demand receive and take all any every such Rent and arrears of Rent as are now due and owing or which at any time or times hereafter shall be due and owing unto and for any person or persons who now are hereafter shall be tenants or occupiers or Steward or manager of all or any of my said Manors Plantations Negroes Estates Messages Farms Lands Tenements [?] and Hereditaments and on nonpayment of the said Rents for me and in my name to enter