Gideon v. Wainwright

From: Florida Supreme Court case files, S. 49, Box 2780, Case 31116

Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus, Page 2

Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus, Page 2





No. 1 -- Only 2 letters each week, not to exceed 2 sheets letter-size 8 1/2 x 11’’ and written on one side only,

and if ruled paper, do not write between lines. Your complete name must be at the close of your letter. Clippings,

stamps, and prison number must be placed in lower corner of envelope, with your complete name and address in the

upper left corner.

No. 3 -- Do not send any packages without a Package Permit. Unauthorized packages will be destroyed.

No. 4 -- Letters must be written in English only.

No. 5 -- Books, magazines, pamphlets, and newspapers of reputable character will be delivered only if mailed

direct from the publisher.

No. 6 – Money must be sent in the form of Postal Money Orders only, in the inmate’s complete prison name

and prison number.

NAME [handwritten]CLARENCE EARL GIDEON NUMBER [handwritten] 003836

INSTITUTION [handwritten] State Prison Raiford fla. CELL NUMBER [handwritten] D-9

NAME [handwritten] CLARENCE EARL GIDEON NUMBER NUMBER [handwritten] 003826

[handwritten in lined space]

=3= I Clarence Earl Gideon, will show

this court that I did not have a fair

trial and was denied my constutional

rights that is gurranteed by the

constution and the Bill of rights

by the United States Government.

=4= I was without funds and without

a attorney. I asked this court to

appoint to me a attorney but they

denied me that right. I told this

court of the 14th District of Florida

County of Bay, That United State

Supreme Court of the United States

of America had ruled that the State

of Florida should see that even one

who is tried for a felony charge

should have legal counsel. But

the Court ignored this Plea

=5= I Clarence Earl Gideon, claim that

I was denied that rights of the 4th

5th and 14th amendments of the

Bill of rights.

=6= I sent a petition from the County

Jail of Bay County, to the United

States District Court of Tallahassee

Florida. But the sheriffs’ office

and officials refuse to let it go out

which is contrary to of the laws of