Muster Roll of Fernandina Volunteers, c. 1860-1861

From: Division of Recreation and Parks, Fort Clinch Exhibit Materials, 1765, 1820-1940, Series S 1319


List of Enrolment [sic] of Fernandina Volunteers

We, the undersigned residents of Nassau County, in the State of Florida, do solemnly promise and agree, that we will, on five days notice, or in less time, if practicable, repair to any place of rendezvous which may be lawfully designated, and there be mustered into the service of the State, subject to the Articles of War of the State of Florida, and so continue for a period not exceeding six months.

1. Joseph R. Finegan
2. T.B. Livingston
3. L. Dozier, Jr. [Later promoted to Second Lieutenant]
4. Geo. K. Broome
5. P. Henry Young [Served as Orderly]
6. W.H. Babcock [Served as Quartermaster and Secretary of the Company]
7. R.W. Broome
8. Adolphus Rosenthal [Later promoted to Second Lieutenant]
9. G.W. Galloway
10. J. Cohen
11. Wm. Letford
12. A.G. Cavedo [?]
13. Thos. H. Broome
14. E.A. Jeffords
15. A.I. Acosta
16. F.J. Clark
17. Thos. D. Hawkins
18. Geo. Savage
19. J.S. Snow [Later promoted to Second Lieutenant]
20. J.E. Conant [?]
21. H. Made [?]
22. L.F. Roux
23. Jacob Gardner
24. E.J. Robinson
25. D.P. Beatty
26. [name illegible - partially lined through]
27. J.J.Vaughan
28. H.[?] D. Vaughan
29. J.C. Gibbs
30. F[elix] Livingston [Later promoted to First Lieutenant]
31. D. Bryant
32. A.J. Peacock
33. J.H. McGinnis

Joseph Finegan, Capt., Fernandina Volunteers H[enry] C. Dozier, 3d Lieutenant [Later promoted to First Lieutenant and Captain]