Letter on the End of the Civil War in Florida, 1865

From: Fletcher, Zabud, Family Papers, 1835-1870, Collection M90-15


Florida Oak Grove April 29th 1865

My Dear Son according to promise I will write though I have nothing agreable to to tell you the news you sent me revived my drooping spirits considerable but I hear that it ___________________________________ our duty [?] _____ which is awful to me and you and everybody else South our doom is sealed

General Lee is a prisoner and nearly all his army we are lost without the report is true that ol Lincoln is dead if that is so we may have some chance yet I did hope you ___ Dark [?] about [?] ___ ___ ___ ___ before this but my hopes are [in?] vain [?] when will this ___________________________________________ may [?] be [?] room [?] for our negroes will break ____ in [?] spite of all that I can do they have broke into the sugar house and tooke one of my calf skins and nearly a barrel of syrup and a considerable amount of sugar and they got in the smokehouse and tooke out as much meat as they wanted I think about two hundred pounds of meat that I would get Albert to look round for me

That night they broke the lock to the sugar house to get a barrel of syrup out and Mr Spooner was gone to the Lake a fishing when he came home I told him of it and showed him the Locke he contended that it was not broke only worn out I told him that I did not like to be treated in that way and that he must go and see if there was anything gone as he was the last one of the whites that had been in,

we went and he saw what was done he could not doubt his own eyes he and Albert took up the negroes last night and whipped them some and they told all about it that they had been going in whenever they wished and they had been selling the meat and other things to the wag- goners [?] and others Mr. Spooner is much to blame for he does not attend the business as he ought and the negroes say he is on there side

there is one thing certain he does not care so his own work is done what becomes of us it


vexes [?] him for me or one of the children to tell him anything they do when I told him they had broke open the smokehouse he gave a grunt and left and did not even go and look at it I have been as kind to him as if he had been my brother

I think the negroes have been telling some tales if they have he ought to see that it was all to [?] ____ ____ and get the advantage of me when they were whipping Albert and Jim and Frank they told Albert and took Jim off to talk to him [?] some of the rest cut him loose and he ran away after he got through with them he called Stephen and he ran away two

they will either go to you or try to get to the yankees the latter I think for they have been preparing to go some time I want you to keep a sharp look out for them and shoot them if they attempt to get away I do not want Albert to come back at any mater [?] I hope the yankees will shoot him I do not want you to tell Spooner all that I have told you for we will not make our bread if some person does not attend to it for I am not able to attend to it this ___ ____


that I have keept could in for which I am very thankful I wish you or Jack [?] could come home and see a little [?] ___ farming into [?] for i am getting very uneasy about it do come if you can I suppose if we are subjugated the negroes will be free and we will lose our land and everything else I tried to keep Mr Spooner from whipping them but I could not I thinks it would be best to turn them over to the law of the land if there is any law to that effects

Miss Keene [?] has just left me she has been here ever since wednesday morning we have had a very pleasant time with the exception of the negroes scrape [?] I think Julia [?] and I ___ ____ ____ bottom of that stealing scrape though nothing has been said about it I wish [?] you would try and get me a lock for the house

I think that we will have a change some way soon for we cannot raise a southern army and we will have to submit Malcolm [?] do not tell that you killed a yankee for they might want to kill you for it goodbye my dear boys I pray the gods [?] Love to bless and keep you from all evil and bring you home in safety your affectionate

mother [Sarah] Fletcher

M.N. Fletcher