World War I Service Record of Aaron Carrier of Rosewood, Florida

From: World War I Army Card Roster, 1924, Series S 1204

World War I Service Record of Aaron Carrier

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This card details the World War I military service of Aaron Carrier, an African-American citizen of Rosewood, Florida. It is one of 42,412 World War I service cards held by the State Archives of Florida.

In January 1923, four years after he received his discharge from the Army, Carrier was involved in an episode of racial violence at his hometown of Rosewood in Levy County. After a white woman named Fannie Taylor reported being assaulted by an unidentified African-American man, mob violence escalated, and within days whites had killed several black members of the Rosewood community and burned black residences and church buildings.

In the outbreak of violence that ensued, Aaron Carrier's home was destroyed, as were those of many of the African-American families in Rosewood. At least six African-Americans were killed in the attack, including three members of the Carrier family. After the incident, Aaron Carrier relocated to New Smyrna Beach with his brother Lonnie, where he remained until his death. The black residents of Rosewood never rebuilt their community, and over time were scattered throughout Florida and elsewhere.