Blanding, Albert Hazan, 1876-1970

From: Blanding, Albert Hazan, Papers, 1917-1958, Correspondence (incoming) - 1919-1958, Collection M87-46, Box 1


Netherlands East Indies
20 Nov 44,

Dear General

Since you have seen Gen Parsons there is little that I may add as to the Divisions activities that he doubtless has not told you. Since he left us we have had two small operations which were carried out successfully. There has been a number of staff changes, none of them of interest to you with the exception of Miller, who is now with Eighth Army in the transportation Section.

Lowry and Hesterly and Hutchinson are still here although it is rumored the first two have asked for release from active duty.

I do not happen to be at the Division at this writing, having come down to Army Hqrs for a conference, so do not have you[r] last letter before me, however I shall try to clear up any misunderstanding of actions taken to provide double time for Federal active duty of Guardsmen in


compensation of retirement service period.

This matter was discussed early in the year by Lowry, Hesterly, Hutchinson and as requested I asked you, in one of my letters, for your reaction and opinion of the proposed amendment to double credit for active duty, also asked for myself only, as pointed out in the letter, if the age for application of retirement pay might not be lowered to encourage the early retirement of senior officers after 30 yrs computed service, irregardless of age attained.

In your reply to me you stated that the offering of an amendment, although meritorious, at this time would in your opinion be ill advised suggesting that 1947 session be the proper time to submit the question to the legislature, as at that time we would all be back from the wars and could put our weight behind the issue. In this opinion of your[s] Gen Collins concurred.


Upon the receipt of your letter I advise[d] Lowry, Hutchinson and Hesterly of its contents, following which Lowry called a meeting of Florida officers and thoroughly discussed the amendment (proposed) giving credit for double time for active duty. He advises that he has written Robert Milam [?] and Herman Ulmer in Jacksonville and Cody Fowler and Pickens Cole of Tampa to advise on plans to bring this before the 1945 legislature.

I am sure Lowry in his letter asked only for assistance and guidance as how best to get this small amendment on the Governors program, thus assuring its passage. I have shown your letter to Hesterly, as you requested, so am sure he has again written you. There is no thought but that you would fully and wholeheartedly assist in passing this act if it were brought before the 45, instead of waiting for the 47 session.


Of course this amendment has no direct effect on me as I shall be in the middle fifties only after the completed 30 years service, it will be advantageous only if I live to the age prescribed by law now effective.

Even though progress is being made toward the hear of the Japanese Empire, there are many dreary miles and months ahead of us here in the Pacific Theater. The time of help from forces now in the European theater will be the deciding factor in the time schedule resulting in the defeat of the Japanese Army. May that strength be switched to the East early in the year, as I am anxious, along with thousands of others, to return to Florida and take up our civilian way of life again.

Best wishes to you at this Thanksgiving Season and with the highest regards, I am,

Mark Lane