Blanding, Albert Hazan, 1876-1970

From: Blanding, Albert Hazan, Papers, 1917-1958, Correspondence (incoming) - 1919-1958, Collection M87-46, Box 1

Blanding, Albert Hazan, 1876-1970


Of course this amendment has no direct effect on me as I shall be in the middle fifties only after the completed 30 years service, it will be advantageous only if I live to the age prescribed by law now effective.

Even though progress is being made toward the hear of the Japanese Empire, there are many dreary miles and months ahead of us here in the Pacific Theater. The time of help from forces now in the European theater will be the deciding factor in the time schedule resulting in the defeat of the Japanese Army. May that strength be switched to the East early in the year, as I am anxious, along with thousands of others, to return to Florida and take up our civilian way of life again.

Best wishes to you at this Thanksgiving Season and with the highest regards, I am,

Mark Lane