Blanding, Albert Hazan, 1876-1970

From: Blanding, Albert Hazan, Papers, 1917-1958, Correspondence (incoming) - 1919-1958, Collection M87-46, Box 1

Letter from Lieutenant Colonel Mark Lance to Major General Albert Blanding, 1944


Upon the receipt of your letter I advise[d] Lowry, Hutchinson and Hesterly of its contents, following which Lowry called a meeting of Florida officers and thoroughly discussed the amendment (proposed) giving credit for double time for active duty. He advises that he has written Robert Milam [?] and Herman Ulmer in Jacksonville and Cody Fowler and Pickens Cole of Tampa to advise on plans to bring this before the 1945 legislature.

I am sure Lowry in his letter asked only for assistance and guidance as how best to get this small amendment on the Governors program, thus assuring its passage. I have shown your letter to Hesterly, as you requested, so am sure he has again written you. There is no thought but that you would fully and wholeheartedly assist in passing this act if it were brought before the 45, instead of waiting for the 47 session.