Blanding, Albert Hazan, 1876-1970

From: Blanding, Albert Hazan, Papers, 1917-1958, Correspondence (incoming) - 1919-1958, Collection M87-46, Box 1

Blanding, Albert Hazan, 1876-1970


compensation of retirement service period.

This matter was discussed early in the year by Lowry, Hesterly, Hutchinson and as requested I asked you, in one of my letters, for your reaction and opinion of the proposed amendment to double credit for active duty, also asked for myself only, as pointed out in the letter, if the age for application of retirement pay might not be lowered to encourage the early retirement of senior officers after 30 yrs computed service, irregardless of age attained.

In your reply to me you stated that the offering of an amendment, although meritorious, at this time would in your opinion be ill advised suggesting that 1947 session be the proper time to submit the question to the legislature, as at that time we would all be back from the wars and could put our weight behind the issue. In this opinion of your[s] Gen Collins concurred.