World War I Letter Describing Armistice Day

From: Drew Family, Papers 1856-1999, Collection M82-8

World War I Letter Describing Armistice Day


Richmond to arrange with Herbert Jackson to take up all the rail. We are actively preparing for it now; and should be on the way with it in two or three weeks. We have had two deals practically closed, but a quibble has delayed them. We are now going to take it up and stack it so that it can be immediately delivered whenever a deal is consumated.

Then I have plans that I will take up with you boys, and which I am sure will meet with you approval; for they will put us all where we can be independent of dictation always; and in that position we can do many things that will make life more pleasurable than it has sometimes been for us.

Some of the expressions over the armistice have been amusing, but none more so than the break that Pete Burnett made this morning. In discuss- ing with Jim Dowling and Lyle the fate of the Kaiser he said that as far as he was concerned he very particularly wanted them to get that "damned old dutch scoundrel, old Bolshevik and hang him". He was so very enthusiastic over the proposition that he would not hear to cor- rection by Jim and repeated what he had himself to say.

I will write again as soon as I get back from Okahumpka; and by that time we certainly should hear from you. I could not get an E.F.M. cable through and the wires are so crowded that nothing could be done with a straight message.

All of us are well and join in the love of our hearts to you. God bless you, the dearest of our dear boys. Good bye

Your affectionate father,
Frank Drew