World War I Letter Describing Armistice Day

From: Drew Family, Papers 1856-1999, Collection M82-8

World War I Letter Describing Armistice Day


It is all too long to go into now; but the extent of repudiation of his note writing can be understood from the fact that the people of the South are the most outspoken against his effort to demand that every skunk in Germany should have a voice in affairs while in this country there should be unquestioned subservience to one-man power. Starting out with the position that the internal affairs of Germany should be assured for democracy he has switched to the extent of now declaring that this country and out Allies will not undertake to lead Germany into establishment of her government: in short he has taken the recent election evidently to mean that this country is a little oversized for his activities without extending them to the world at large. I recall your former opinion and mine; and I only will say that I have so far ourdistanced your view that you could not now be even in my dust. As the play "Excuse Me" had it,- I could be jailed for my thoughts. But seriously, the idea that people would be throttled by the espionage law was one of the saddest delusions that this administration has had. Thank God, the American people are not built to bow before autocracy or oligarchy. I have not written you as fully as I would along these lines because you were in service; and I know that you are frank in expression as well as in name; and I didn't want to suggest anything that might be a detriment to you. However, I know that the officers must have taken considerable interest in what has been transpiring in this country.

Well, the war is over, the influenza has subsided to the vanishing point and now we are looking and longing for the return of the two dearest boys on earth. Now my plans for the future can shape themselves without the ever-present if.

I am going back down to Okahumpka to see your Aunt Vannie and have a preliminary examination of her affairs; and then I am going on to