Act Establishing Florida Statehood, 1845

From: An Act For The Admission of the States of Iowa and Florida Into The Union, 1845, Collection M81-22


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| Begun and held at 28th | the City of Washington Congress | in the District of | Columbia on Monday Second | the second day of Session | December, eighteen | hundred and | forty-four.

An Act for the Admission
of the States of Iowa
and Florida into the Union

Whereas, the people of
the territory of Iowa
did, on the Seventh
day of October, eighteen
hundred and fourty-four,
by a convention of delegates
called and assembled for
that purpose, form for
themselves a constitution

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and State Government,
and whereas the people of
the territory of Florida
did, in like manner by
their delegates, on the eleventh
day of January, eighteen
hundred and thirty-nine,
form for themselves a con-
stitution and State Govern-
ment, both of which said
constitutions are republican,
and said conventions
having asked the admission
of their respective territories
into the Union as States,
on equall footing with the
original states: --------------
-------Be it enacted,
by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the
United States of America
in Congress assembled, That
the States of Iowa and
Florida be and the same
are hereby, declared to be
States of the United States

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of America, and are hereby
admitted into the Union
on equal footing with the
original States in all
respects whatsoever----------
----------Section 2. And
be it further enacted , That
the following shall be the
boundaries of the said
State of Iowa, to wit: --
Beginning at the mouth
of the Des Moines river,
at the middle of the
Mississippi, thence by
the middle of the chan-
nel of that river to a
pararallel of latitude
passing through the
mouth of the Mankato
or Blue-Earth river, thence
west along the said
parallel of latitude
to a point where it is
intersected by a meridian
line, seventeen degrees
and thirty minutes west

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of the meridian of
Washington City, thence
due South to the northern
boundary line of the
State of Missouri, thence
eastwardly following
that boundary to the
point at which the
same intersects the
Des Moines river, thence
by the middle of the
channel of that river
to the place of beginning.
----------Section 3. And be
it further enacted, that the
said state of Iowa
shall have concurrent
jurisdiction on the river
Mississippi, and every
other river bordering on
the said state of Iowa,
so far as the said
rivers shall form a
common boundary
to said

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said State, and any other State or States
now or hereafter to be formed or bound-
ed by the same: such rivers to be
common to both: and that the
said river Mississippi, and the
navigable waters leading into
the same, shall be common
highways, and forever free as well
to the inhabitants of said State, as
to all other citizens of the United
States, without any tax, duty, im-
post, or toll therefor, imposed by the
said State of Iowa. ---------------
----------Section 4. And be it further
enacted, That it is made and de-
clared to be a fundamental con-
dition of the admission of said
State of Iowa into the Union, that
so much of this act as relates to the
said State of Iowa shall be assented
to by a majority of the qualified
electors at their township elections
in the manner and at the time
prescribed in the sixth section of
the thirteenth article of the con-
stitution adopted at Iowa city

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the first day of November, anno
Domini eighteen hundred and
forty-four, or by the legislature of
said State. And as soon as such assent
shall be given, the President of the
United States shall announce the
same by proclamation; and
therefrom and without further
proceedings on the part of Congress
the admission of the said State of
Iowa into the Union, on an equal
footing in all respects whatever with
the original States, shall be considered
as complete. --------------------------
----------Section 5. And be it further
enacted, That said State of Florida
shall embrace the territories of East
and West Florida, which by the treaty
of amnity, settlement and limits be-
tween the United States and Spain,
on the twenty-second day of February,
eighteen hundred and nineteen,
were ceded to the United States.
Section 6. And be it further
enacted, That until the next census
and apportionment shall be made,

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each of said States of Iowa and Florida,
shall be entitled to one representative
in the House of Representatives of the United
States -------------------------------
---------Section 7. And be it further
enacted, That said States of Iowa and
Florida are admitted into the Union
on the express condition that they
shall never interfere with the primary
disposal of the public lands lying
within them, nor levy any tax on
the same whilst remaining the prop-
erty of the United States: Provided,
That the ordinance of the convention
that formed the constitution of Iowa,
and which is appended to the said
constitution, shall not be deemed
or taken to have any effect or validity,
or to be recognized as in any manner
obligatory, upon the government of
the United States.