John Milton to E. W. Johns, October 20, 1862

Series: (Series 577, State Governors Incoming Correspondence, 1845-1877)

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Civil War

John Milton to E. W. Johns, October 20, 1862



Executive Department
Tallahassee Octr 20th. 1862

E. W. Johns Esq
Purveyor General
Richmond Va

Yours of the 3rd inst has been received in which you request that authority may be granted your Department to contract for the manufacture and delivery of as much Whiskey and Alcohol as may be required for the army of the Confederate States for Medical and Hospital purposes.

The authority is granted upon the condition, that, the parties to be contracted with shall be restrained in the contracts from distilling, selling and delivering for other purposes, and to parties not authorized by the Confederate Government to contract for the distilling, purchase or delivery of Whiskey, Alcohol or other spirituous liquors.

I have the honor to be

John Milton
Governor of Florida