Brigadier General Joseph M. Taylor to Cyprian T. Jenkins, May 22, 1861

Series: (Series 43, Territorial and State Military Expenditures, 1839-1869)

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Civil War

Brigadier General Joseph M. Taylor to Cyprian T. Jenkins, May 22, 1861


Cyprian T Jenkins


You will please fit out your sloop for sea and in addition to your crew take on board Stapleton, Brown, and Stephens Peterson, or any other three men that I may send. You will cruise between An Kylote [Anclote Key] and Cedar Keys and report to the officer in command at Bay Port the appearance of any suspicious craft her bearings etc. If a sailing vessel your report is expected to be accurate in description but if a steamer you will immediately sail to and report at Bay Port unless you know that she is not a foe. You may observe the Key Westers closely but do not molest them unless they commit some overt act. I regard their presence on the coast with no degree of favor. You have force enough and you can have a detachment from this point to compel suspicious vessels from departing without leave. The State needing your services is amply able to pay you. For the hire of your sloop and men and self I will give you eighty dollars a month. This amount is deemed sufficient. I shall ration my own men aboard. You will also carry news and men when required. You must

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not change your crew without notifying me personally.

Joseph M. Taylor
Brigadier General
Florida Militia

Brooksville May 22, 1861

Order of Brig Genl Taylor