Students tending the Florida State College for Women’s College Defense Garden, 1942

2. State Agencies

This section is organized by the agencies that created the listed records, then by the different categories of records, or “record series,” created by each agency relating to women’s history and women’s issues in Florida. Some agencies have several series listed due to their frequent involvement in projects, initiatives and everyday work relating to women. Several series document women in high levels of management, such as: Secretary of State; Secretary of Administration; State Librarian and Archivist; and Chancellor of the Board of Regents. A number of series concern education for women in Florida, including several from the Florida State College for Women, predecessor to Florida State University, and several series pertaining to equal educational and employment opportunities for women at Florida public universities. Women’s rights and health issues are addressed through collections documenting voting rights, the Equal Rights Amendment, equal employment opportunities for women, family planning, and midwifery.

Department of Administration

Secretary Adis M. Vila
Speeches, 1987-1989
1 cubic foot

Adis M. Vila, a Cuban-born American citizen, graduated from the University of Florida Law School and has held high-level positions with the U.S. Departments of Commerce and State. She also worked in the White House Office of Public Liaison and was a practicing lawyer before being appointed Secretary of the Florida Department of Administration. This series consists of speeches delivered while she was Secretary. Background materials for the speeches are also included.

Secretary Of State Tom Adams conversing with Girl Scouts, 1968

Department of State

Office of Secretary of State
Outstanding Women Achievement
Awards Presentation Videotape, 1997
1 item

The Outstanding Women Achievement Awards recognize notable women who have enhanced the lives of women of Florida and/or who have served as positive community role models. This series consists of a video cassette tape of the presentation by Secretary of State Sandra B. Mortham of the 1997 Outstanding Women Achievement Awards on March 11, 1997. Secretary Mortham introduced the recipients, and those recipients present made brief remarks following her introduction.

Office of Secretary of State
Secretary of State Sandra Mortham’s Correspondence, 1995-1999
8 cubic feet        

This series contains incoming and outgoing correspondence that illustrates Secretary Mortham's interests and activities during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Office of Secretary of State
Secretary of State Sandra Mortham’s Subject Files, 1994-1998
5.25 cubic feet

This series contains records, correspondence and video cassettes that illustrate the wide variety of activities and issues in which the Secretary of State is involved. Much of the series deals with the politics of Florida and the Secretary's involvement with campaign reform.

Office of Secretary of State
Secretary of State Katherine
Harris’s Correspondence, 1999-2000
10.5 cubic feet

This series contains correspondence, both general and international, to and from Secretary Harris. While it is mostly invitations to the Secretary, as well as her responses, there are also other correspondence, traditional and email, documenting some of the issues that were of importance to her during her tenure.

Office of Secretary of State
Secretary of State Katherine Harris’s
Subject Files, 1999
1 cubic foot

This series consists primarily of correspondence, but also includes some reports and studies related to the following areas: international trade and cultural missions; Florida International Affairs Commission; the Sister City Grant Program; Office of International Affairs; Florida Intergovernmental Relations Foundation; and the Office of Trade and Economic Development. The series also includes informational publications documenting the many areas of activity and concern to Florida's Secretary of State. Secretary Harris was the last cabinet-level Secretary of State, and as such, her concerns span the entire body of issues addressed by the Florida Cabinet.

Florida Folklife Program

Bureau of Florida Folklife Programs, Florida
Folklife Archive
“Women’s Contributions” Seminar Audio
Tapes and Logs, 1989
.33 cubic foot

This series contains 14 audio cassette tapes and supporting materials documenting presentations at a Florida Endowment for the Humanities seminar, "Folk Culture in the South: Women's Contributions," held September 29, 1989 at the Jacksonville Museum of Science and History. The seminar featured presentations by Bureau of Florida Folklife Programs staff and area specialists, discussing: the study of folk culture; folk traditions in Florida; women's occupational culture and lore; and the folk culture and lore of Hispanic, Jewish, and African-American women, including: customs; beliefs; family and social relations; folk tales and jokes; and musical traditions and styles.

Bureau of Florida Folklife Programs, Florida
Folklife Archive
Versiteers Award Ceremony Tapes and
Photographs, 1992
1 cubic foot

An award ceremony, held August 21, 1992 in Jacksonville, Florida, honored the Versiteers, a female gospel quartet group and 1992 Florida Folk Heritage Award winners. The series consists of audio cassette tapes, photographs and supporting materials documenting the event.

State Defense Council

Subject Files, 1940-1946
31 cubic feet

The goal of this World War II era council was total defense preparedness for Florida. The Defense Council was involved in the war effort in areas such as: material resources, labor, civil protection, education and morale. The series includes correspondence, scrapbooks, reports and publications that document the military service and civilian defense activities of Florida women.

Minutes, 1941-1945
.25 cubic foot

This series consists of the minutes of Defense Council meetings. The minutes document the role of numerous women as leaders on the Council as well as the military service and civilian defense activities of Florida women.

Posters, 1942-1944
100 items

Among the posters contained in this series are many regarding women and the war effort. These include military recruitment posters targeting women and posters outlining other opportunities for women to contribute to the war effort on the home front.

Library and Historical Commission

State Librarian Dorothy Dodd
Correspondence, 1952-1965
3.5 cubic feet

State Library Board

State Library Board
State Archivist Dorothy Dodd
Papers, 1941-1952
1 cubic foot

Dorothy Dodd served as the Florida’s first State Archivist and the second State Librarian. She also worked as a reporter and teacher and wrote extensively on Florida history. The two series listed above document her role and duties as State Librarian and State Archivist. They also record her development of a collection of Floridiana and of historical materials on Florida at the State Archives and State Library. These series listed above contain correspondence, reference materials, subject files and other related documents.

Division of Employment Security

Division of Employment Security
Equal Employment Opportunity Office
Administrative Files, 1965-1976
6 cubic feet

This series documents the administration of equal employment opportunity policies and programs, and the investigation of reports of job discrimination in Florida. Records include correspondence, reports, reference materials and program data.

Office of the Commissioner of Education

Department of Education
Commissioner of Education Betty Castor
Administrative Files, 1987-1991
67 cubic feet

Betty Castor, as Commissioner of Education, was the first woman elected to the Florida Cabinet. She served from 1987 to 1994, when she resigned to become President of the University of South Florida. She also served as a state senator. This series documents Castor's role as a Cabinet member and as the chief educational officer of Florida. The files consist of memoranda, correspondence, clippings, reports and other materials.

Board of Regents

Minutes, 1905-1997
50 volumes

The Board of Regents presided over the Division of Universities in the Department of Education, overseeing Florida's public university system from 1965-2000. Included in the minutes of this period is information regarding Florida State College for Women.

University Construction Records, 1946-1971
18 cubic feet, 47 microfilm reels

These records contain construction plans, records and files for educational facilities in the State University System, including the Florida State College for Women. Also included are related reports and correspondence.

Board of Regents, Office of the Chancellor

Chancellor Barbara Newell
Trip Files, 1982-1985
16 cubic feet

Chancellor Barbara Newell
Subject Files, 1979-1985
51 cubic feet

Barbara Newell was the first female state university chancellor in the United States. These two series relate to her travels as Chancellor, her duties as the chief administrator of the Board of Regents, and as administrator of the State University System of Florida. The series includes reports, agendas, subject files and correspondence.

State University System of Florida

Office of Personnel, Faculty Relations
Reference Files, 1965-1978
52 cubic feet

The responsibilities of the Office of Personnel of the State University System include equal opportunity employment programs. These files document employment status and opportunities for women within the Florida Public University System.

Office of Personnel
Reference Files, 1970-1980
31 cubic feet

The subjects covered in these files include affirmative action and equal employment opportunity programs for women and minorities. Records include correspondence, legal papers, reports and studies.  

Office of Equal Educational Opportunity
Title IX University Self-Evaluation
Reports, 1972-1978
1 cubic foot

This series consists of self-evaluations by Florida universities in regard to sexual discrimination in admissions, athletic programs, scholarships and employment. In addition to the evaluations, the series also includes correspondence, memoranda, follow-up reports and suggestions.

Office of Equal Educational Opportunity Programs
University Visitation Files, 1983-1986
2 cubic feet

This series consists of the files of Delores Auzenne, Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Equal Education Opportunity Programs. The files relate to visits to Florida universities, including: reports, recommendations, university responses, and plans and actions of universities to enhance affirmative action and equal educational opportunities.

Florida State University

Office of the President, Bernard F. Sliger
Administrative Files, 1976-1990
122 cubic feet

President Sliger's files document civil rights issues, affirmative action programs and equal opportunity employment at Florida State University. There are numerous files on women’s athletics and the president's relations with the American Association of University Women.

Office of the President, Stanley Marshall
Committee Files, 1957-1976
5 cubic feet
This series consists of files on various campus committees. Subject matter includes women’s groups and employment of women.

Office of the President, Doak S. Campbell
Administrative Files, 1941-1957
21 cubic feet

President Campbell presided over the transition of Florida State College for Women to the co-educational Florida State University. The files include correspondence, memoranda, reports and budgets that document the President's relations with university staff and faculty, and with the Board of Control (predecessor to the Board of Regents).

Office of the President, Edward Conradi              
Administrative Files, 1939-1941
2 cubic feet

Under the administration of President Conradi, Florida State College for Women grew from a few hundred students to more than 2,000. These files consist primarily of correspondence documenting the President's interaction with staff, faculty and the Board of Control.

Department of Public Instruction

Scholarship Files, 1923-1927
1.5 cubic feet

The Department of Public Instruction was the predecessor agency to the Department of Education. This series includes scholarship applications to Florida State College for Women and the correspondence of College business manager, John G. Kellum.

Board of Control

Trustees of the Westcott Estate
Minutes, 1929-1930
1 volume

The Board of Control was the predecessor body to the Board of Regents. These minutes document the sale of 20 acres of James D. Westcott's estate to Florida State College for Women.

Florida Construction Program

Publicity Records, 1936-1937
.5 cubic foot
Work on both the Florida Industrial School for Girls, and Florida State College for Women, was included in the Florida Construction Program, a Public Works Administration project. This collection consists of records relating to the publicity of that project, including newspaper articles and solicitation letters for advertisements.

Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services

Florida Social Service
Research Materials, 1977
1.25 cubic feet

This series contains research notes relating to the development of social services in Florida. It includes subject files on people interviewed and topics directed toward workers and clients, as well as taped interviews with people reflecting their personal experiences in the social service field in Florida.

Department of Health

Florida Division of Family Health
Sexual Violence Prevention Program
Records, 1983-1995
4 cubic feet

The Sexual Violence Prevention Program attempted to eliminate the occurrence of sexual violence and addressed the needs of victims through raising awareness and providing proper training for sexual violence victim treatment providers. This series contains records that document these objectives.

Sexual Violence Prevention Program
Records, 1996-2006
1.75 cubic feet

This series documents the development and implementation of programs designed to raise awareness about sexual violence, and to properly train sexual violence victim treatment providers. The programs include Safe Dates, Talk About It and Get the Facts. The records consist of handouts, evaluations of speakers, and correspondence pertaining to the development of conferences for the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence and training seminars.

Department of Children and Families

Governor's Task Force on Domestic Violence
Meeting Files, 1998-2000
1 cubic foot
This series documents the participation of the Department of Children and Families as a state agency liaison at meetings of the Governor's Task Force on Domestic Violence from May 1, 1998 to May 31, 2000. The records relate to a variety of issues discussed at the meetings, such as: the status of domestic violence legislative proposals; domestic violence in the justice system; domestic violence education and law enforcement training; domestic violence grant programs; domestic violence intervention and response; and the background and past initiatives and accomplishments of the Task Force.

Commission on Human Relations

Commission on Human Relations
Records, 1969-1976
1 cubic foot

The Florida Commission on Human Relations promotes fair treatment and equal opportunity for all persons in Florida and seeks resolution of claims of discriminatory treatment, including sexual discrimination. This series consists of: program proposals; meeting minutes and agendas; correspondence; press releases; and other materials documenting the Commission’s position on, and activities in, civil rights matters, including: affirmative action; equal opportunity employment; and job discrimination.

State Board of Health

Midwife Program Files 1924-1975
5.5 cubic feet

The State Board of Health was the predecessor agency to the Division of Health under the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services (later the Department of Health). The midwife licensing program was initiated by the State Board of Health in 1931. This series contains manuals; legislative reports; essays; correspondence; photographs; midwife summaries (the record of midwives licensed by county); and midwife record cards which document a midwife's yearly health checkups, race, literacy and education levels, and consulting physicians.

Bureau of Narcotics
Applications for Certificate of Registration for Healing Arts, 1928-1955
35 microfilm reels

This series includes the forms of those applying to be registered as certified midwives. The applications include information, such as: name; address; race; date and place of birth; length of Florida residency; and county of residency.

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