Related Resources

The following list includes a selection of related resources from other Florida archives, historical societies, museums, libraries, and special collections. It is arranged first by the Florida repository that houses the records, then by type of creator, and finally by collection number, when available. This is a select sampling and not meant to be comprehensive. For more information on collections that document women’s history and issues, please contact the individual repository.

University of Florida P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History: Gainesville, Florida

Personal and Family Papers

MS Group 1
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
Papers, 1844- 2002

MS Group 2
Lillian Smith
Papers, 1959-1972

MS Group 6
Zora Neale Hurston
Papers, 1919-2002

MS Group 11
Pansy Pickren
Papers, 1957-1960

MS 15
Margaret Dreier Robins
Papers, 1876-1950

MS Coll. 16
Irene Thompson
Papers, 1964-1965

MS Group 51
Elizabeth S. and Oliver L. Austin
Papers, 1933-1967

MS 57
May Mann Jennings
Papers, 1889-1963

MS Coll. 68
Ouida Davis Abbott
Speeches and Writings, ca. 1920-1955

MS Coll. 87
Ida Cresap
Papers, 1930-1962

MS Group 98
Tracy L’Engle Angas
Papers, 1860-1986

MS Coll. 122
Marna Venable Brady
Papers, 1908-1984

MS 156
Dena Snodgrass
Papers, 1812-1996

MS 198
Maxine E. Baker
Papers, 1934-1974

PKY 88.016
Blanche Leigh

Associations, Clubs, Societies and Businesses

MS 36
Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs
Scrapbooks, 1951-1952

MS 38
League of Women Voters of Florida
Records, 1939-1978

MS 70
Melrose Woman’s Club
Records, 1891-1974

MS Coll. 76
Women’s Studies Association
Scrapbooks, 1948-1961

MS Coll. 91
4-H Girls Club Short Course
Scrapbooks, 1948-1961

MS 123
Florida National Organization for Women
Records, 1971-2003

MS 167
Gainesville Women for Equal Rights
Records, 1963-2001

MS 316
National Women’s Conference
Oral Histories, 1977-1978

Florida Historical Society: Cocoa, Florida

Personal and Family Papers

MSS #92-16
Mary Martha Reid
Papers, 1821-1892

Mss. Collection #2001-01
Minerva P. Jennings
Papers, 1908-1939

History Miami Museum: Miami, Florida

Personal and Family Papers

Beverly Phillips
Papers, 1972-1996

Combs Family
Papers, 1902-1930s

Edith Atkinson
Papers, 1920s-1930s

Alice Wainwright
Papers, 1890s-1991

Claire Weintraub
Papers, 1952-1972

Associations, Clubs, Societies and Businesses

American Jewish Committee, Miami Chapter
Jewish Women of Achievement
Oral Histories, 1970-1985

Cosmo Business Girls Club
Records, 1937-1938

Daughters of the American Revolution, Everglades Chapter
Records, 1909-1973

Junior Women’s Club, Miami
Scrapbooks, 1941-1982

Philanthropic Educational Organization Sisterhood, Miami Chapter E
Scrapbooks, ca. 1930-1949

Spinsters Club, Miami
Scrapbooks, 1941-1970

Women in Communications, Greater Miami Professional Chapter
Records, 1953-1994

Young Women’s Christian Association, Miami-Dade
Records, 1919-1990

Zonta Club of Greater Miami
Records, 1937-1987

University of North Florida Special Collections: Jacksonville, Florida

Personal and Family Papers

Eartha M. M. White
Papers, 1831-1974

Rosa G. Holmes Walker
Papers, 1871-1943

Associations, Clubs, Societies and Businesses

Women’s Public Leadership Consortium
Records, 1979-1994

Jacksonville Women’s History Month
Collection, 1973-2013

National Organization for Women, Jacksonville Chapter
Records, 1969-2002

University of South Florida Special Collections: Tampa, Florida

Personal and Family Papers

Armwood Family
Papers, 1866-1991

Betty P. Brown Wiggins
Papers, 1984-1994

Ellen Haynes Green
Papers, 1957-1992

Ruth Perry
Papers, 1951-1968

Helen Gordon Davis
Collection, 1976-2004

Mary Jane Martinez
Papers, 1987-1990

University of Central Florida Special Collections: Orlando, Florida

Personal and Family Papers

Iva Kitchell-Webster
Papers, 1947-1984

Beatrice B. Ettinger
Papers, 1964-1998

Doris Leeper
Papers, 1959-1991

Lynda Van Scoyoc
Papers, 1970-2001

Rose Feinman
Papers, 1986-1996

Joy Postle
Papers, 1912-2006

Associations, Clubs, Societies and Businesses

Democratic Women’s Club of Florida
Records, 1957-2006

University of West Florida Special Collections: Pensacola, Florida

Personal and Family Papers

Ruth Tempest
Papers, 1942-1964

Dorothy Alice Edwards
Papers, 1970-1977

Ruth Godwin
Papers, 1963-1971

Dorothy Clemente
Papers, 1939-1972

Dorothy Burrow
Papers, 1840-1959

Fannie O’Neal
Papers, 1942-1987

Associations, Clubs, Societies and Businesses

Pensacola Equal Suffrage League
Records, 1914-1918

United Daughters of 1812,
Three Notch Chapter of Pensacola
Records, 1968-1972

American Association of University Women, Pensacola Branch
Records, 1926-1972

League of Women Voters, Pensacola Chapter
Records, 1950-1977

Ladies Library Association, DeFuniak Springs
Records, 1887-1962

Daughters of the American Revolution, Pensacola Chapter
Records, ca. 1922-1998

United Daughters of the Confederacy
Records, ca. 1898-2006

Pensacola Maternity Home
Scrapbook, 1941-1949

American Business Women’s Association, Pensacola Chapter
Records, 1962-1982

Colonial Dames XVIIth Century,
Fort San Carlos Chapter
Records, ca. 1964-1985

Milton Women’s Club
Records, ca. 1913-1986

Daughters of American Colonists,
Don Tristan de Luna Chapter
Records, ca. 1983-1994

Florida State University Special Collections: Tallahassee, Florida

Personal and Family Papers

MSS 0-99
Helen M. Edwards
Memoir, Not Dated

MSS 79-2
Gloria Jahoda
Papers, 1944-1976

MSS 1986-001
Eva Mae Atwood
Papers, 1902-1969

MSS 86-17
Susan Bradford Eppes
Papers, 1850-1949

MSS 1986-023
Beth Moor
Papers, 1918-1986

MSS 2005-007
Mary Simpson Yarbrough
Papers, 1926-1927

MSS 2006-001
May Ryburn
Papers, 1880-2003     

MSS 2011-0503
Dorothea Leona Dubler
Papers, 1985-1998

MSS 2012-0615
Mary Ann Lindley
Papers, 1983-1998

Associations, Clubs, Societies and Businesses

MSS 1985-019
Florida Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs
Records, 1954-1964

MSS 1990-024
American Association of University Women, Tallahassee Chapter
Records, 1923-1972

MSS 2005-017
Florida Home Economics Association
Records, 1918-1969

University of Miami Special Collections: Miami, Florida

Personal and Family Papers

Joseph Auslander and Audrey Wurdemann
Papers, 1916-1957

Mary McDougal Axelson
Papers, 1917-1970

Marjorie Stoneman Douglas
Papers, 1890-1998

Ethel E. Murrell
Papers, 1946-1953

Melanie Rosborough
Papers, 1940-1983

Minnie Moore-Willson
Papers, 1888-1949

Associations, Clubs, Societies and Businesses

American Association of University Women, Florida State Division
Records, 1928-1991

Daughters of the American Revolution,
Coral Gables Chapter
Records, 1926-2000

Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove
Records, 1891-1991

Cuban Woman’s Club, Miami
Records, ca. 1969-2013

Jacksonville University Swisher Library: Jacksonville, Florida

Personal and Family Papers

Carita Doggett Corse
Papers, 1932-1947

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