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Territorial and State Governors letterbooks, 1836-1909.

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Florida. Governor.


Territorial and State Governors letterbooks, 1836-1909.


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    The series contains the official outgoing correspondence, in bound letterpress volumes, of Florida's territorial and state governors from 1836-1909.  The records reflect the official, constitutional, and political duties of the Office of Governor. The series includes the correspondence of Governors Richard Keith Call (1835-1840, 1841-1844); Robert Raymond Reid (1840-1841); John Branch (1844-1845); William D. Moseley (1845-1849); Thomas Brown (1849-1853); James E. Broome (1853-1857); John Milton (1861-1865); A. K. Allison (1865); Ossian B. Hart (1873-1874); M. L. Stearns (1874-1877); George F. Drew (1877-1881); William D. Bloxham (1881-1885, 1897-1901); Edward A. Perry (1885-1889); Francis P. Fleming (1889-1893); Henry L. Mitchell (1893-1897); William S. Jennings (1901-1905); Napoleon B. Broward (1905-1909); and Albert W. Gilchrist (1909-1913).
    All the letterbooks are originals except for Volume 6, which is a photocopy of the first of two John Milton letterbooks (1861-1863). This letterbook has also been digitized from the original, which is in the custody of the Florida Historical Society. Both the photocopies and the digital reproduction include both the letterbook itself and additional correspondence found with the letterbook. Much of the letterbook concerns military affairs and the defenses of Florida, and in addition to the outgoing correspondence, it includes copies of letters received from such prominent Confederate leaders as Judah P. Benjamin, Jefferson Davis, and David Levy Yulee written into the letter book by Milton's secretary. The additional correspondence found with the letterbook includes six letters from Stephen R. Mallory, Secretary of the Confederate Navy; a letter from A.H. Bush advising Governor Milton about the legalities of secession; and a letter from Dr. Thomas Palmer describing various battles. Also included are notices written by Milton found interfiled among the pages of the letterbook.

Terms Governing Use:

The Florida Historical Society must be credited as the custodian of the original records in any use of Volume 6, Governor Milton, 1861-1862, by the State Archives of Florida.

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