Fuller Warren

Fuller Warren

Thirtieth governor: January 4, 1949 to January 6, 1953

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Lt. Governor: None

First Lady: Barbara Manning Warren

Florida Cabinet

Secretary of State:
Robert A. Gray (1930-1961)

Clarence M. Gay (1946-1955)

J. Edwin Larson (1941-1965)

Commissioner of
Nathan Mayo (1923-1960)

Attorney General:
Richard W. Ervin (1949-1964)

Supt. of Public
Thomas D. Bailey (1949-1965)

Florida Photographic Collection:

Collections at the State Archives of Florida:

Other Repositories:

  • Papers, Strozier Library, Florida State University.

Published Materials:

  • Warren, Fuller. Speaking of Speaking: Articles, Addresses, and Other Strident Stuff. St. Augustine: Record Press, 1944.
  • Warren, Fuller. How to Win in Politics. Tallahassee; Peninsular Publichsing Co., 1949.
  • Colburn, David and Richard Scher. “Florida Historical Gubernatorial Politics: The Fuller Warren Years.” Florida Historical Quarterly (April 1975).

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