Henry Laurens Mitchell

Henry Laurens Mitchell

Sixteenth governor: January 3, 1893 to January 5, 1897

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Lt. Governor: None

First Lady: Mary Eugenia Spencer Mitchell

Florida Cabinet

Secretary of State:
John L. Crawford (1881-1902)

William D. Bloxham (1890-1897)
William H. Reynolds (1897-1901)

Clarence B. Collins (1893-1897)

Commissioner of
Lucius B. Wombwell (1888-1900)

Attorney General:
William B. Lamar (1889-1903)

Supt. of Public
William N. Sheats (1893-1905)

Florida Photographic Collection:

Collections at the State Archives of Florida:

Other Repositories:

  • Family Papers, Special Collections, University of North Florida.

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