Ossian B. Hart

Ossian B. Hart

Tenth governor: January 7, 1873 to March 18, 1874

Party Affiliation: Republican

Lt. Governor: Marcellus Stearns (1873-1874)

First Lady: Catherine Smith Campbell Hart

Florida Cabinet

Secretary of State:
Jonathan Gibbs (1868-1873)
Samuel B. McLin (1873-1877)

Robert H. Gamble (1868-1873)
Clayton Cowgill (1873-1877)

Simon Barclay Conover (1868-1873)
Charles H. Foster (1873-1877)

Commissioner of

Attorney General:
William A. Cocke (1873-1877)

Adjutant General:
John Varnum (1870-1877)

Supt. of Public
Jonathan C. Gibbs (1873-1874)

Surveyor General:

Florida Photographic Collection:

Collections at the State Archives of Florida:

Other Repositories:

  • Letters, P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History, University of Florida

Published Materials:

  • Brown, Canter. Ossian B. Hart: Florida’s Loyalist Reconstruction Governor. Baton Rouge, LA: Louisiana University Press, 1997.

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