LeRoy Collins

LeRoy Collins

Thirty-third governor: January 4, 1955 to January 3, 1961

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Lt. Governor: None

First Lady: Mary Call Darby Collins

Florida Cabinet

Secretary of State:
Robert A. Gray (1930-1961)

Clarence M. Gay (1946-1955)
Ray E. Green (1955-1965)

J. Edwin Larson (1941-1965)

Commissioner of
Nathan Mayo (1923-1960)
Lee Thompson (ad interim) (1960-1961)

Attorney General:
Richard W. Ervin (1949-1964)

Supt. of Public
Thomas D. Bailey (1949-1965)

Florida Photographic Collection:


  • Video - Gov. Charley Johns-LeRoy Collins
    This debate between acting Gov. Charley Johns and future governor LeRoy Collins was filmed from a television monitor (kinescope) and simultaneously broadcast throughout Florida on radio.
  • Video - Interviews With LeRoy Collins For "Great Floridians"
    The program starts with Collins talking about his loss in the 1968 Senate race, and the relation of that loss to the civil rights issue. Moves on to footage of Collins in the woods with a group of children discussing Kipling's poem "If." The film then moves to the 1960 Democratic Convention.

Collections at the State Archives of Florida:

Other Repositories:

Published Materials:

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  • _________ Governor LeRoy Collins; A Spokesman of the New South University. Alabama: University of Alabama Press, 1985.

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