Below are photographs of people and scenes from Jefferson County plantations during the era when sharecropping and tenant farming were prevalent, roughly from the end of the Civil War to the 1950s. Many of these photographs were taken long after the contracts in this collection were written, but the methods and tools used by Florida sharecroppers and tenant farmers changed very little over the years. The identities of individuals in the photographs are indicated when they are known.


Ellen Thompson, former Slave of Martha Margaret Murray May of Jefferson County, Florida (1880s)

Image Number: RC13275

Weighing cotton at the planter's home, Jefferson County, Florida (c. 1911)

Image Number: RC05498

African American woman making soap in Jefferson County (c.1910)

Image Number: PR00814

Black women doing washing - Jefferson County, Florida. (1880s)

Image Number: RC02216

Laborers cultivating cotton fields by hand - Jefferson County, Florida (nd)

Image Number: RC02220

Laborers in the fields picking cotton - Jefferson County, Florida (1890s)

Image Number: RC02221


Portrait of Asa May, husband of Margaret Martha Murray May (nd).

Image Number: PR05658

Daughters of Charles and Mary Taylor of Jefferson County (nd)

Image Number: PR05666

Portrait of Spierin Buchanan Alexander (1834-1897)

Image Number: PR00814


Main house of the El Destino Plantation

Image Number: RC19238

Taylor Plantation

Image Number: N038153

Major B.W. Bellamy in front of the Bellamy Plantation House (1891)

Image Number: PR08623

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