Hip hop group Kan-Dee-Krew formed in Belle Glade in the mid-1980s. The Krew consisted of Terrance Coffie, Emanuel Harden, Rodney Rumph, Duane Rumph, Charles Plummer, and Elijah Thomas. Heavily influenced by Run-DMC (one of the most popular hip hop groups at the time), the Kan-Dee-Krew delivered energetic lyrics with accompanying vocals that overlap. Unlike some of their counterparts in the genre, however, the group focused on a message of community improvement. Kan-Dee-Krew used hip hop music as a way to connect with children and the underrepresented by promoting learning and warning against the dangers of drug abuse with songs like "Education" and "Crack is Whack." The group maintained these principles while still exhibiting the braggadocio and style typical of hip-hop, as demonstrated by their "Fresh" and "Nikes and Reeboks.”

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