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This list contains all surnames appearing on the records in this collection. Click a surname to view all of the records belonging to persons having that surname. Choose a letter from the drop-down menu to browse surnames starting with that letter. Please note that in transcribing the records, we have retained the original spelling as it was written by the record creators. Errors are common. Consider searching for alternate spellings to find the person for whom you are looking.

Select a month from the years listed below to view the records created during that month. There are no records for some months.




This list contains all of the various causes of death listed in the records. Please note that there was no standardized system of reporting causes of death at this time. Numerous terms often existed for the same disease, and in many cases the reporting official was imprecise in describing the cause of death. Our policy in transcribing the documents was to report the cause of death exactly as it appears in the originals.

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