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1980 Miami Riots
Aberdeen-Angus Cattle
Adult Education
Adult Education.
Advertising -- Florida -- Citrus Fruits
Advertising -- Motion Pictures -- Florida -- Jacksonville
Advertising--Real Estate Business
African American Businessmen--Florida--Saint Augustine--Lincolnville
African American Turpentine Industry Workers
African Americans
African Americans -- Civil Rights
African Americans In Motion Pictures.
African Americans In The Motion Picture Industry -- Florida -- Jacksonville
African Americans--Civil Rights
African Americans--Florida--Saint Augustine--Lincolnville
African Americans--Political Activity
Agricultural Exhibitions -- Florida -- Tampa
Agricultural Exhibitions--Florida--Jacksonville
Agriculture -- Economic Aspects -- Florida
Agriculture -- Florida
Alligator Attacks
Alligator Farming
Amusement Parks--Florida--Ocala
Amusement Parks--Florida--Weeki Wachee
Anti-communist Movements
Anti-communist Movements -- United States -- History -- 20th Century
Aquariums--Florida--Monroe County--Key West
Art Galleries
Art Teachers
Artificial Flower Industry
Attractions--Florida--Weeki Wachee
Attractions--Florida--Weeki WacheeMermaids
Audubon Societies
Automobile License Plates
Automobile Racing
Automobile Racing -- Florida
Automobile Racing Drivers
Automobile Travel
Automobiles--Equipment And Supplies
Automobiles--Seat Belts
Bald Eagles
Banks And Banking
Baptists -- Florida
Baseball -- Florida -- Orlando
Bathing Suits
Beach Balls
Beaches--Recreational Use
Black Market
Bonds -- Florida -- 1800's
Booksellers' Catalogs
Bread Industry
Building Dedications--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Bus Lines
Bus Terminals
Business Corporations
Business Industry
Business Licenses
Business Schools
Cabinet Officers--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Campaign Literature, 1872--Republican
Canned Seafood
Capital Punishment -- Florida.
Carillon Music
Cattle -- Florida
Cattle Trade
Centennial Celebrations, Etc
Centennial Celebrations, Etc.--Florida
Chautauquas -- Florida -- History.
Children's Art
Children's Television Programs
Christian Education.
Church Meetings
Church Music
Cigar Industry
Cities And Towns--History
Citrus Fruit Industry
Citrus Fruit Industry -- Florida
Citrus Fruits -- Florida
City Promotion
Civic Education
Civil Defense
Civil Rights Demonstrations--Florida--Tallahassee
Civil Service
Civil War, 1861-1865
Civilian Public Service
Civilian-based Defense
Commercial Real Estate
Community Health Services
Community Organization--Citizen Participation
Conscientious Objectors
Constitutional Amendments
Convict Labor
Cooking (Bread)
Cotton Trade
Country Clubs--Florida--Mount Plymouth
Courts-martial And Courts Of Inquiry
Creek Indians--Wars.
Culture Conflict -- Florida -- History
Cypress Knees
Daytona Beach (Fla.) -- Guidebooks
Death Notices
Dedications (Ceremonies)
Democratic Party
Democratic Party (U.S.)
Discrimination In Criminal Justice Administration
Driving Directions
Economic History--Periodicals
Education, Higher
Educational Broadcasting
Educational Law And Legislation
Educational Television Programs
Election Districts
Emblems, State
Endangered Species
Entertainment Events
Environmental Protection
Episcopal Church -- Florida
Equal Rights Amendments
Everglades (Fla)
Excursion Boats
Experiential Learning
Explorers In Art
Fairs -- Florida -- Tampa
Festivals, Events And Conferences
Finance, Public
Fish And Game Licenses
Flags--United States
Florida -- Description And Travel
Florida Gators (Football Team)
Florida Panther
Florida Songs
Florida State Troops
Florida--Okeechobee County
Florida--Tamiami Trail
Florida. -- Legislature. -- Legislative Investigation Committee
Florida. Office Of The Governor
Folk Music
Folk Songs
Food Conservation
Food Supply
Food--Taste Testing
Forest Reserves
Fort Clinch State Park (Fla.)
Fountain Of Youth (Legendary Place)
Freeland Bonds
Gardening -- Florida -- Societies, Etc
Gaspar, Jose?, -- 1756-1821.
General Stores
Ghost Towns
Glass Bottom Boats
Governors -- Florida
Graphic Artists
Greeting Cards
Gubernatorial Candidates--Florida
Health Resorts
Historical Markers--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Home Economics
Home Economics Extension Work
Homosexuality -- Florida
Homosexuality In Literature -- Book Reviews
Indian Tourism
Indians Of North America--Wars--Southern States.
Internal Security
Interstate Agreements
Jews--Social Conditions
John F. Kennedy Space Center
Judicial Error -- Florida.
Justice--Public Opinion
Ku Klux Klan (1915- )
Ku Klux Klan Of Florida
Land Companies
Land Development
Land Settlement
Land Tenure--West Florida
Landscapes--Florida--Marion County--Rainbow Springs
Lectures And Lecturing
Legislative Councils
Libel And Slander
Live Oak Trail (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Lumber Trade
Marine Biology
Masonic Orders
May Oak (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Medicine, Military
Metric System
Mickey Mouse
Military Appointments
Military Pay
Mineral Waters
Money -- Florida
Monuments--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Municipal Government--Public Relations
National States Rights Party (U.S.)
Older People
Ormond Beach (Fla.) -- Guidebooks
Outdoor Recreation--Florida--Mount Plymouth
Paper Money
Parks--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Passenger Trains
Patent Medicines
People With Disabilities
Performing Arts
Place Marketing
Plant System Of Railways, Steamship Lines, And Hotels.
Police Brutality
Police Misconduct
Political Candidates
Political Cartoons
Political Conventions
Political Parties
Political Parties -- Platforms
Political Rallies
Political Science--Study And Teaching--Law And Legislation
Politics And Government
Presidential Elections--1964
Presidents--United States
Presidents--United States--Election--1872
Presidents-United States
Produce Trade
Project Apollo (U.S.)
Propaganda, American
Protest Movements
Public Broadcasting
Public Health
Public Officers
Public Schools
Puppet Television Programs
Quincy (Fla)--Buildings, Structures, Etc
Rabies In Animals--Vaccination
Race Relations
Radio Advertising
Radio Stations
Railroad Companies
Railroad Companies--Finance
Railroad Travel
Rainbow Springs (Fla)--Buildings, Structures, Etc
Ranching -- Florida
Real Estate Agents
Real Estate Business
Real Estate Business--Florida--Saint Augustine--Lincolnville
Real Estate Development
Real Estate Development--Environmental Aspect
Real Property
Regional Development
Religious Education.
Republican Party
Resorts -- Florida -- Guidebooks
Retail Trade
Retirement Communities
River Boats
River Steamers
Rivers--Florida--Marion County--Rainbow Springs
Road Maps
Roads--Design And Construction
Sailing Ships
Sales Tax
Savings Bonds
Savings Stamps
School Bonds
School Field Trips
School Integration -- Florida
Seafood Industry
Seminole Indians
Service Industries--Florida--Ocala
Shands, William Augustine, 1889-1973
Shape-note Hymnals
Sheet Music
Ships--Health Regulations
Sightseeing Business
Signs And Signboards
Slave Bills Of Sale
Slavery -- United States
Social Customs
Soto, Hernando De, Approximately 1500-1542
Space Ships In Art
Space Shuttles
Speeches, Addresses, Etc
Springs--Florida--Marion County--Rainbow Springs
State Birds In Art
State Flowers
State Parks And Reserves--Florida--Fernandina Beach
State Songs
Statesmen--Florida--Leon County--Tallahassee
Steamboat Lines
Stock Certificates
Sugar Trade
Sulphur Springs
Sunday Schools.
Swindlers And Swindling
Teachers Colleges
Teaching--Aids And Devices
Television Broadcasting--Employees
Territorial Expansion
Tobacco Farms--Florida--Quincy
Tour Bus Lines
Tourism -- Florida
Tourism -- Florida -- Florida Bay
Tourism -- Florida -- Hollywood
Tourism Industry
Tourism--Environmental Aspects
Tourism--Florida--Musa Isle Indian Village
Tourism--Florida--Weeki Wachee
Tourist Maps
Tourist Trade
Trailer Show
Travelers' Writings
Tree Conservation -- Florida -- Tallahassee
Trees In Cities -- Florida -- Tallahassee
Trial By Jury
Tropical Fruit Industry
Turpentine Industry And Trade--Buildings
Underwater Photographs
United States -- Army -- Medical Service Corps
United States -- History -- Civil War -- Secret Service.
United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Personal Narratives, Confederate
United States--Dixie Highway
United States. Army. -- Florida Infantry Regiment, 1st
United States. Federal Emergency Relief Administration
United States. Lend-Lease Act
University Of Florida--Mascots.
Vaccination Of Animals
Vietnam War, 1961-1975
Voter Registration
Walt Disney World (Fla.)
War Bonds
Weights And Measures
White Supremacy Movements
Wildlife Management Areas
Winter Homecoming
Women -- Legal Status, Laws, Etc
Women -- Societies, Etc
Women Entertainers--Florida--Weeki Wachee
Women In The Broadcasting Industry
Women In War
Women's Rights
World War (1939-1945)
World War, 1914-1918
World War, 1939-1945
Wrestling Matches
Ybor City (Tampa, Fla.) -- History.
Graham, Bob, 1936-
"Courtney R."
Abbey, Nancy Carroll
Adams, Alto
Adams, Bud (Alto Lee), 1926-
Adams, Elizabeth Yordan
Adams, Frank, 1861-1940
Adams, Geroge
Adams, Tom
Adams. Tom
Adkins, Homer
Adkins, James C. Jr.
Adkins, Minous
Adkinson, Walter G.
Affleck, Thomas
Albrecht, Marion
Alderman, James E.
Alfriend, Jeffry
Allen, Cletus
Allen, E.C.
Allen, J.F.
Allen, R.L.
Allen, Richard
Alvers, Manuel
Ambrose, Frank
Amold, J.E.
Amos, Ernest
Anderson, Jack
Anderson, Jack, Rev.
Andrews, A.H.
Andrews, Allen H., 1873-1951
Andrews, Annie Ray, 1879-1928
Andrews, Chas. O.
Andrews, E. Leo
Appel, Charles L.
Arant, Roscoe
Archer, Alexander W.
Ard, A. Colla.
Armstrong, T.R.
Arthur, B. F.
Asbell, G. H.
Askew, Angela Adair
Askew, Donna Lou Harper
Askew, Dr. B.
Askew, John
Askew, Kevin O'Donovan
Askew, Reubin O.
Askew, Reubin O'D., 1928-2014
Askew, Reubin O'Donovan
Askins, John D.
Astor, William
Auger, Georges (Augieres)
Avery, Belle
Bailey, E. B.
Bailey, H.P.
Bailey, Thomas
Bailey, Thomas D.
Bailey, Thomas David, 1897-1974
Bailey, Thomas David, 1897-1974.
Bailey, William
Baker, John G.
Baker, Marlene J.
Baldwin, Annie
Baldwin, B.L.
Ball, Nicholas
Bank, C.R.A
Barclay, McClelland
Barnes, W. D.
Barnes, W.C.
Barns, Paul Dryden, 1894-1973
Barrera, Lynn
Barron, Dempsey J.
Bartel, Roland
Bartlett, Patti
Barton, D.L.
Bartram, Smedley
Bartsch, Walter
Bassin, Barry
Bathe, Greville
Bazzell, William
Beach, Col. J.E.
Beard, George
Beasley, Thomas
Beck, James
Beehler, Orvillo
Bell, B. Tartt
Bell, Lawrence.
Bell, Susie Smith
Benda, Nancy Tribble, 1930-2015
Bennett, Charles E.
Bernreuter, Henry
Berry, Laurie
Berry, Robert H.
Berthelot, James A.
Bethune, Mary McLeod, 1875-1955
Biderman, Peggy
Biferie, Dan
Bigelow, Jo
Bigelow, Jo Daughtrey, 1915-2001
Birchfield, Bill
Bird, Dr. Hiram
Bird, Jim
Bittinger, C.L.
Blair, J. Insley
Blem, Peter Kristian, 1880-1936
Blocker, Dan
Blount, Thomas E.
Boardman, C.A.
Bok, Edward W.
Bolles, W. E.
Bolton, Roxcy O'Neal
Bone, Robert
Boomer, B.S.
Boomer, Bertha Sterling, 1850-1935
Boomer, Bertie May, 1880-1941
Boomer, H.B.
Boomer, Helen Doris
Boomer, L.M.
Boomer, L.S.
Borland, J.S.
Bosanquet, Stewart, 1867
Boster, Sara
Boszormeny, Emily
Boszormeny, Helen
Boszormeny, Zelton
Bowden, H.L.
Bowen, Walter.
Bowles, O.W.
Bowlus, O. Winfield, D. 1933
Boyce, E.E.
Boyce, E.W.
Boyd, Joseph A.
Boyd, Joseph A. Jr.
Boyd, Peggy
Boza, Danny
Bradford, Ruby
Brantley, Lew
Brawner, Jack
Bray, Joshua A.
Breeding, June
Brees, Anton
Brelsford, John
Bridges, Pat
Bright, John J.
Brokaw, W.G.
Brooks, David
Brooks, Thompson
Broward, Napoleon B.
Brown, Alice C.
Brown, Amphion A.
Brown, Armstead
Brown, Harry L.
Brown, Lew B.
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Thomas, 1785-1867
Browne, A.E.
Bryan, Council A., Jr.
Bryan, Grover,
Bryan, Rose Marie
Bryans, Herbert L.
Bryant, Adair
Bryant, Cecilia
Bryant, Farris
Bryant, Julia
Bryant, Julie
Bryant, Rusty
Bubbett, E.
Bubbett, Genie
Bubbett, J.H.
Bubbett, Laurence W.
Bubbett, Laurie (Laurence Wilmer), 1884-1960
Bubbett, Mr.
Bucci, C.G., Mrs.
Buchanan, Lester
Buchanan, Tisha
Buffum, C.F.
Buford, Rivers
Bullard, Kennedy C.
Bunting, T. Wade
Burke, Arleigh Albert, 1901-1996
Burke, C.C., Dr.
Burns, Allen T.
Burns, Haydon
Burns, Mildred
Burr, George L.
Burress, R. Spencer
Burrows, Edward
Burton, W.R.
Burtz, Jesse E.
Busch, J.J.
Bush, Elizabeth
Butler, Frank B. (Frank Bertran), 1885-1973
Butterworth, Bob
Byrd, James C.
Byrd, T.B.
Cabell, Edward C.
Calderwood, J.W.
Caldwell, Millard
Caldwell, Millard F.
Caldwell, Sylvia
Call, R. K. (Richard Keith), 1792-1862
Cameron, Margaret
Camoin, Francois
Campbell, J.R.
Campbell, Layard D., 1885-1972
Cannon, Betsy
Cannon, Pat
Carlson, Reynold B.
Carlton, Vassar B.
Carney, E. L.
Caro, Herbert P., 1886-1956
Carr, Robert
Carraway, Wilson
Carrington, V.P.
Carry, Edna W.
Carter, Jerome.
Carter, Jim H.
Carter, Jimmy, 1924-
Caruso, Austin
Cash, W.T.
Cassidy, William F.
Castle, E.M.
Castor, Betty
Castro, Fidel, 1927-2016
Cater, Edwin P.
Cates, W.H.
Catts, Sidney J.
Catts, Sidney Johnston, 1863-1936
Cavell, W.T.
Celler, Emanuel
Chadwick, J.H.
Chaires, Benjamin
Chaires, Joseph
Chamberlin, Don
Chandler, Flora
Chapman, Roy H.
Chapman, Roy H., 1885-1952
Chappell, William
Chase, Gordan
Chase, Joshua Coffin
Cheney, Edward M.
Cheyney, John
Childers, W.D.
Chiles, Lawton
Chiles, Rhea
Chipley, W. G.
Chislett, Stephen
Christensen, Alfred P., 1878-1963
Christian, Floyd T.
Christie, Irwin
Christie, Walter
Christopher, John G.
Churchill, Mrs. Walter R.
Clair, Dunkin
Clark, Francis Melvin
Clark, Frank
Clark, J.Y.
Clark, Louise
Clarke, M.J.
Clarke, Miss
Clausell, Bernyce Hall, 1916-2015
Clemens, Harvey
Clements, G. R.
Cluster, Orval.
Cobb, C. C.
Cochran, C.C.
Cochran, R.L.
Cockrell, Robert S.
Cocoris, John
Cogburn, Joe.
Cohen, Lou
Cole, Eva Morrow, 1887-1934
Coleman, Walter G.
Coles, F.C.
Collins, Darby
Collins, Jane
Collins, LeRoy
Collins, Mary Call
Collins, Mary Call Darby
Collins, Roy Jr.
Comilo, Elizabeth
Conant, Paul W.
Conant, Roy M.
Conant, Sherman
Conner, Doyle
Conner, Doyle E.
Conner, James E.
Conners, W.J.
Connolly, Mrs. F.W.
Coombs, J. P.
Coombs, J.N.
Cooper, Allen
Cooper, Prentice
Cooper, R.D. "Bob"
Cordell, J.W.
Cordero, John
Corse, Carita Doggett
Cortez, Maggie
Cotton, Lee.
Cousin, Philip
Covington, Dr. P.W.
Cowgill, C. A.
Cox, Stu
Crabb, Jim
Crandell, L. B.
Crawford, Bob
Crawford, E. Clay
Crawford, H. Clay
Crawford, John E.
Crawford, John Lovick, 1816-1902
Crawford, W.B.
Croom, Alonzo C.
Culp, Dr. D.W.
Cumbie, T.M.
Cummer, Ninah May Holden
Curlee, Henry.
Cushman, Carol
Cuttrell, C.C.
Daffin, James R.
Dame, Dr. George H.
Darby, John
Darling, N.
Daughtrey, James
Davidov, Marvin
Davis, Berne
Davis, Carry
Davis, E.H.
Davis, Eugene
Davis, James
Davis, John A.
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Julie
Davis, Peter
Davis, Ralph
Davis, Rosemary
Davis, Roy G.
Davison, Emmet G.
Day, Dorothy
Day, Joseph P.
De Alvarez, Ofelia Puig
Debb, S.P.
Deibler, Arlo C.I.
Delains, Doris
DeLand, Henry Addison, 1834-1908
Deller, Frank,
Dellinger, David
DeMilly, J.W.
DeSercey, Pat
Destin, Gaines.
DeVane, Washington
Devnell, George A.
Dewey, J.R.
DeWitt, Bertha A.
Deyarman, H.H.
Dickenson, Donna L.
Dickerson, Edward N.
Dickey, Byron.
Dickinson, Fred O. Jr.
Dickson, Henry L.
Dillard, Fay
Dixon, Frank M.
Dobbs, Rev. Jimmie
Dobson, Nancy
Doig, Nellie H.
Dole, Margaret
Dolstrum, Harris P.
Donalson, Henry F.
Donovan, Lonie
Dotterer, Henry E.
Douglas, Marjory Stoneman
Douglass, W.P.
Dow, R.K.
Dowling, Robert L. (Bob)
Drake, Mike
Drew, E. Harris
Drew, J.B.
Drew, W.E.
Drummond, Fannie
Drummond, Fannie A.
Dulles, John Foster, 1888-1959
Dummett, Col. Thomas Henry
Dunaway, Anne Carson
Dunn, Jr., Edgar M.
Dunning, Stephen
DuPont, Charles H.
Dupont, K.S.
Duray, Arthur
Duval, H.R.
Eberman, Emma
Edinfield, Charlie.
Edmunds, Rick
Edwards, A.N.
Ehrisman, Barbara, 1858-1939
Ehrlich, Raymond
Ellener, Fannie
Elliot, Caroline Edwards, 1877-1966
Elliot, Tom
Ellis, William H.
Elmore, Allie J.
Elmore, Cassie.
Emerson, Thomas
Englert, Hattie L., 1883-1966
English, Colin
Ervin, Jr., Sam J.
Ervin, Richard
Ervin, Richard W.
Ervin, Richard William, 1905-2004
Espinosa, Rafael Saavedra De
Evans, Giles L., Jr.
Evins, Brooker
Evins, Tilman
Ewald, Pearl
Fabregas, Joseph C.
Fagg, Marcus C.
Fain, Troy
Faircloth, Earl
Fansler, Joan
Farence, Anne Marie
Farley, James Aloysius
Farwell, John L.
Fassett, Truman
Feaster, Johnny
Fellers, Lynn
Fernandez, Leonora
Fernandez, Vicky
Finegan, Joseph, 1814-1885
Firestone, George
Fischer, Ida
Fischer, Marie, Ca. 1884-1980
Fischer, Mildred A., 1900-1995
Fisher, Carl Graham
Fisher, Jesse
Fisher, W.R.
Fishwick, William
Fitzgerald, Edward
Fitzsimmons, Sam
Flagler, Henry M.
Fleming, F. A.
Fleming, Frank P.
Fleming, Tom
Fletcher, Austin B.
Flower, Ida
Flower, Ida M.
Flynn, Frank
Fogle, Shirley
Fontaine, Bertha V.
Ford, Gerald R., 1913-2006
Fosher, Anna
Fournier, Henri
Fox, Albertus.
Frankel Jr., Anselm
Frankfurter, Felix
Frazer, Keener C.
Freeman, Elizabeth
French, Laura G.
Friend, Cliff
Frimowitz, Kim
Frost, Jack
Fry, Aida
Fry, Genny
Frye, Barbara Landstreet
Fuller, W.B.
Fulton, Lillian B.
Fuqua, Don
Gaby, Murry
Gahan, Pierce V.
Gaillard, H.
Gainer, Harry.
Gainey, Amos W.
Gajdos, Bela
Gallagher, Michael
Gallagher, Tom
Gamble, Silvester
Garber, Gregg
Garcia, Gaspar
Gardner, Winston
Garfein, Stanley
Garfein, Stanley J.
Garmany, G.H.
Garner, John Nance
Gates, Carol
Gates, Harry
Gates, Stuart
Gatlin, Kenneth
Gaughnan, Donna
Gay, C. M. (Clarence Myers), 1903-1972
Gay, Thomas P.
Geiger, Lois
Geigley, Robert
Gibbs, George Cooper
Gibson, Dorothea
Gibson, James H.
Gilbert, Fred.
Gilbert, John A.
Gilbert, Rose Marie Welton, 1871-1953
Gilchrist, A.W.
Gilchrist, James M.
Gilley, A.D.
Gilmore, Henry G.
Givens, Frank.
Givens, James R.
Givins, Henry
Glisson, James A.
Gloor, Michele
Gloschenko, Mrs. Walt
Goddard, Russ
Gold, P.D.
Goldberg, Arthur Joseph, 1908-1990
Gollan, Antoni
Gore, Lenox P.
Gore, William H.
Gorman, Bill
Gorrie, Dr. John
Gorrie, John
Grace, Eugene F.
Grace, Harry G.
Gracia, Victoria
Graciada, Rene H.
Gracida, Rene H.
Grady, J.E.
Graham, Adele
Graham, Bertha M.
Graham, Bob
Graham, Bob, 1936-
Graham, Cissy
Graham, Ella A., 1861-1945
Graham, Florence L., 1881-1950
Graham, Frank P.
Graham, Gwen
Graham, Kendall
Graham, Robert L., 1885-1951
Graham, Suzanne
Graham, Thomas A.
Grahlmann, Annie
Granger, James
Graves, Charles Addison, 1845-1922
Gray, H.A.
Gray, R. A. (Robert Andrew), 1882-1975
Gray, R.A.
Green, Bill
Green, Elsie N.
Green, Lex
Green, Ray E.
Green, Ray Edgar
Greene, Dr. Loren A.
Greene, Dr. Ralph
Greene, Lorne
Greene, Maude
Gregonis, Peter
Greve, Clifford
Griffin, Ben Hill
Griggs, JFC
Gunter, William
Guy, Benjamin M.
Gwynn, C.B.
Haenni, Paul V.
Hair, Mattox
Hall, Pasco E.
Hall, Vincent
Hallowes, J.M.
Hamm, Ben
Hammac, Joseph S.
Hampton, W.W.
Hancock, Leigh
Hand, Fred
Hand, John J.
Hand, Thrasher J.
Hanley, Marcella
Hanna, A.J.
Hardee, Major William Joseph
Harding, Col. C.K.
Hardwick, Jack.
Hare, W.B.
Hargrove, W.C.
Harkisheimer, H.E.
Harley, J.E.
Harne, Cara
Harrington, Don
Harris, M.W.
Harrison, Charles W.
Harrison, James S.
Harrison, S. C.
Harrison, T.T.
Hart, H.L.
Hart, Hubbard L.
Haruish, Rozlyn
Harwell, H.L.
Haskins, Henry V.
Havice, Kit
Hawes, Mark
Hawk, Zarita
Hawley-Doig, Nellie
Haworth, Neil
Haynes, Henry W.
Haynesworth, Jack
Hayward, Thomas
Heaver, Chas F.
Heavilin, Jay
Hedstrom, Oscar
Heeny, Francis
Henderly, Elton N.
Hendrick, Joseph
Hendrix, M. M.
Hendrix, R.G.
Hendry, E. M.
Herbert, Victor
Hernandez, Mrs. J.V.
Herndon, Fred H.
Herrick, Scott
Hetherington, Hon. M.F.
Hickey, Rebecca Lamar
Hightower, William F.
Hill, Rev. J.D.
Hill, William L.
Hixon, R.H.
Hobart, Charlie M.
Hobbs, F.W.
Hobson, T. Frank
Hobson, T. Frank (Tolbert Francis), 1900-1966
Hodges, Randolph
Hohanshelt, Vera
Holland, Spessard
Holland, Spessard L.
Holliger, Charles R.
Hollis, James M.
Hollister, J.D.
Holly, R.J.
Holmes, John Haynes
Holson, Vinson.
Holtslaw, Irene Wyka, Ca. 1913-1993
Hoppe, Dorothea
Hoppe, Julia
Horne, Evelyn Frances Luettich, 1922-2007
Hostetler, Mark
Hoyt, Wilton H.
Hudson, James
Hudson, Julian
Hudson, William E.
Hughes, Deborah
Hughes, Lena Smithers
Hunt, Charles H., 1862-1943
Hunt, G.W.
Hunt, George W., 1864-1942
Hunt, W.
Hunter, Ada C.
Hurley, John J.
Hurston, Zora Neale
Hurty, Dr. J.N.
Hutchins, G. W.
Hyde, H.S.
Hyde, Mrs. H.S.
Hylick, Charles A.
Ice, Susan
Ingle, Bob
Inman, C.W.
Inness, George Jr.
Irving, Dorothy
Isman, Felix
Jack, Homer
Jackson, A.J.
Jackson, Ben
Jackson, James M.
Jackson, R.D.
Jackson, Tyrone
Jarvis, W.J.
Jefferson, Henry
Jefferson, William W.
Jenkins, Verdell
Jennings, T.A.
Jennings, William Sherman, 1863-1920
Jennings, William Sherman, 1863-1920.
Jesseman, J.J.
Johanneson, Helen
John Grattan Gamble, 1779–1852
Johnson, Curtis
Johnson, Dewey
Johnson, J.U.
Johnson, Lizzie
Johnson, Mabel
Johnson, Robert, 1894-1934
Johnston, Margaret
Johnston, Olin Dewitt, 1896-1965
Jones, Bob
Jones, David
Jones, David,
Jones, Gilbert E.
Jones, Peter
Jones, Sam H.
Jones, Steve
Jones, Wash
Jordan, Cheryl
Jordan, Frank
Judge Smith
Kaiser, Joseph F.
Karl, Fred
Kasper, John, 1929-1998
Kates, Fred
Keaton, Josh
Keefe, E.J.
Kelly, E.C.
Kelly, Everett
Kelson, Christ.
Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963
Kent, George, Esq.
Kerr, Robert B.
Keyes, Gene
Keyes, Kenneth S.
Khrushchev, Nikita Sergeevich, 1894-1971
Kilbrade, Percy
Kime, Earl
Kimsey, Grady
King, Curtis
King, Martin Luther, -- Jr., -- 1929-1968
King, T.F.
Kingsley, Ralph P.
Kirkpatrick, A. W.
Kirvin, Joseph R.
Kitchell, Clyde
Klass, Trudi
Klausmeyer, William
Klein, Yvonne
Knight, Downing, Mrs.
Knott, William V.
Knowles, Fred.
Koester, E.C.
Koresh (Cyrus Reed Teed), 1838-1908
Krehbiel, Clayton H.
Kricker, Candy
Kronowitter, John
L'Amoreaux, O.F.
La Roche, F.A.
Lamar, Wm. B.
Lambert, Karen
Lambert, William E.
Lance, Gen. Mark
Lane, Myrran
Lang, Victor
Lanier, E.C.
Lanier, J.C.
Larsen, William L.
Larson, J. Edwin
Larson, J. Edwin (John Edwin), 1900-1965
Lastinger, Anne
Lawless, Renee
Lawrence, Ed
Lawrence, William
Ledyard, Bill
Lee, J.M.
Lee, Wilbert
Lefevre, A.H.
Leftowitze, Sidney M.
Leiner, Mike
Leisher, Katherine
Lemieux, Lewis T.
Leppard, Pink
LeTourneau, R.G.
Lewis, Benjamin Cheever
Lewis, Gerald
Lewis, Jacquelin
Lewis, Mrs. Clifton
Lewis, Mrs. George
Lewis, Pearce
Lewis, W.C.
Light, Peter
Lindahl, Alberta
Lindbergh, Charles A. (Charles Augustus), 1902-1974
Linder, P. Scott
Linn, David
Linton, Allen
Little, Ira D.
Little, William S.
Llewellyn, Richard
Lloyd, T.H.
Lo, Alexander
Lock, Jack.
Loconto, Frank
Logan, Mrs.
Lombard, Jeannette
Lombardo, Guy
Long, Russell B., 1918-2003
Lovell, Mrs. Loring
Lovett, J.T.
Lowry, Sumter L.
Lueders, Edith
Lykes, Philip
Lynch, Dorothea T.
Lyons, JoAnne
Lyttle, Bradford, 1927-
M'Lin, B.E.
Mabry, Mabel
Macdonald, E.S.
MacDonell, A.O.
MacDonnell, Dr. W.W.
MacFarlane, Howard P.
Mack, Charles C.
MacKay, Ann
MacKay, Buddy
MacKay, Jr., Kenneth H.
MacLeod, David
Macomber, M.E.
Madigan-Eagle, Cathy
Maler, Elisha.
Mallison, Nathan L.
Maloney, Frances
Mance, S.B.
Maner, William
Mann, George T.
Mann, J. T., 1843-
Mannion, Elizabeth
Manrique, Regla
Mapes, Fred N.
Mapes, Nelson.
Marchman, Watt
Marden, O.S.
Margolis, Gwen
Markes, Jeff
Marks H.D.
Marks Willoughby
Marks, Eugene
Marler, W.T.
Marques, Joseph
Marquis, David L.
Marshal, Victor.
Marshall, C.V.
Marshall, George
Marshall, Norman
Martin, John W.
Martin, Mallie.
Martine, Julia
Martone, Michael
Mason, George
Mason, Rowland.
Mather, Janney
Matheson, J.D.
Mathison, H. Paul
Matrona, Berthaldine
Mayo, Nathan
Mayo, Nathan, 1876-1960
Mayo, Nathan, 1876-1960.
McBryde, Dora
McCain, David L.
McCallister, Hugh
McCandliss, Ralph W.
McCormick, Alpine S., Mrs.
McCormick, Charles C.
McCormick, Oscar F.
McCormick, W.N.
McCready, William Frederick, 1854-1946
McCree, W.A.
McCreedy, Stephen
McDaniel, Zuk
McDonald, Belle
McDonald, Parker Lee
McDonogh, John
McDuffie, Arthur Lee, 1946-1979
McFall, Bill
McFall, Sue
McGill, Willie R.
McIntosh, W.W., Jr.
McJordan, Walt
McKennan, T.M.T.
Mckenzie, Guy
McKethan, Alfred A.
McKinney, Joseph M.
McKinney, W.N.
McLane, Dr. F.E.
McLaughlin, Henry
McLaughlin, R.
McLaughlin, Richard
McMillan, Maj. General
McMillan, Robert McKenzie, 1922-2013
McNair, Adrain.
McNair, Rev. L.E.
McPeters, Annette
McRae, John
McRae, W.A.
Mealy, Bertie
Mealy, Sadie
Meginniss, B.A.
Meginniss, D.B.
Meister, Ken
Mellon, George
Mellon, Leonard.
Melvin, Millard.
Mendenhall, Etta V. B.
Menendez, Ernest
Menendez, Pedro
Meo, David
Merrill, M. E.
Messina, Joseph
Michel, Hedwig, 1892-1982
Michum, Henry
Micocci, Anthony A.
Miller, Brian
Miller, Charles A.
Miller, Dewey.
Miller, H. D.
Miller, H. Liscomb
Miller, Lemuel.
Miller, N. E. (Bill)
Milligan, Raymond J.
Mills, M.C.
Milton, John, 1807-1865
Mixson, Margie
Mixson, Wayne
Mobley, Sybil
Moffitt, H. Lee
Moharram, Gittel
Moland, Kathy
Monroe, William
Montague, Barbara
Moody, LeRoy
Moody, Ralph G.
Moore, Dorothy
Moore, Eddie
Moore, Fred
Moore, J.D.
Moore, Jere N.
Moore, Joel
Moose, Ronnie
Moreland, Floyd B., 1906-1988
Moreland, Harold
Moreland, Harold, 1900-1983
Morgan, H. Jay, 1882
Morgan, John L.
Morgan, Will H.
Morrick, Cher
Morrick, Ron
Morrill, Sarah
Morrill, Tom
Morris, Charles E.
Morrow, Ulysses G., 1864-1950
Morse, Guy
Morse, Mary
Mortimer, S.C.
Moseley, William Dunn, 1795-1863
Muir, Helen
Mulhollen Jane
Mullalley, Mike
Mullon, Wilbur
Mundt, Karl Earl, 1900-1974
Murat, Achille, 1801-1847
Murat, Catherine Dangerfield Willis Gray, 1803-1867
Murat, Irene
Murphy, Judge Sam'l B.
Muscarella, F.J., Jr.
Muste, A.J. (Abraham Johannes), 1885-1967
Nalle, Beverly
Neal, Claude, -1934
Neal, Minnie E.
Nelson, Donald
Nestman, Otto
Newberry, Zelma
Newburn, C.D.
Newell, Betty
Newman, Michael
Newton, A.B.
Nicholson, Anna M.
Nielson, Brian
Nixon, Richard M.
Noble, Jean
Nolan, Patrick
Nolan, Willie G.
Nornabell, H.M.
Novarine, Raymond L.
Nuthall, J.J.
Nyysola, Alan
O'Connell Stephen C.
O'Connell, Stephen C.
O'Connor, William.
O'Daniel, Lillie
O'Dell, Scott
O'Malley, Thomas D.
Oelrich, C.E.
Oglesby, Roscoe R.
Ohly, John H.
Oldfield, Barney
Olds, Ransom E., 1864-1950
Oliver, Ruby
Olmar, Ruth
Olson, Julian
Ophashia, Sip
Ordway, Annie G.
Ordway, G.
Orner, George
Orvis, F.H.
Oswald, D.H.
Overton, Ben F.
Owen, Carol
Owen, Ruth Bryan
Pabor, W.E.
Padget, Charlie.
Page, Henri
Paige, Mabel
Pajcic, Steve
Pallanti, Maryann
Palmer, W.W.
Pancoast, Russell, Mrs.
Papy, F.B.
Parce, J. Y.
Parent, Michael
Parker, Grace R.
Parker, Green W.
Parkinson, John B.
Parrish, M. Saunders
Pasco, F.
Paterson, S.E.
Patton, Mattie
Pearce, C.C.
Pearce, Moody
Pearson, David
Peck, C.J.
Peek, E.G.
Pelham, John
Pence, Fern
Pennekamp, John D., 1897-1978
Pennington, John W.
Pennington, N.S.
Pepper, Claude
Pepper, Claude, 1900-1989
Perez, Armando, Jr.
Perkins Dean, Mabel
Perkins-Dean, Mabel
Perry, Mel
Peterman, H.
Peterman, P.
Peterson, Curtis
Peterson, J. Hardin
Peterson, Mike
Pettit, N.C.
Pettus, B.S.
Pfeiffer, John F.
Phifer, Douglas A.
Phillips, Judy
Phipps, Judy
Pierce, Ellen
Pilips, Harry.
Pincus, Jonathan H.
Pitts, Freddie
Pitts, Jim
Pitts, Virginia
Plante, Kenneth A.
Poe, Clarence
Poland, Jefferson
Pollack, Janet
Pomeroy, Helen
Pope, Verle A.
Porter, Frank
Porter, Joseph Y.
Porter, Joseph Yates, 1847-1927
Post, Peg
Pour-Reza, Joyce B.
Powell, Wesley J.
Powell, Wilbur
Pred, Stanley
Price, Paul E.
Prior, Lyman P.
Privett, J.C.
Proctor, Van Horn C.
Professor Schneiderwirth
Pullman Palace Car Company
Putnam, Jesse E., 1869-1950
Quam-Stevens, Mable
Raby, Chas J.
Raftis, Mike
Rahn, Claude Jerome, 1885-1973
Rahn, Elizabeth Shearer, 1904-1992
Rahn, Frank R. H., 1893-1936
Rahn, Imogene Evelyn Bubbett, 1881-1932
Ramos, Domingo F.
Rand, Frederic H.
Randall, Claire
Range, Athalie
Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan
Rawls, John
Read, Josephine C.
Read, Leigh
Reale, Ila
Reed, Edward James, Sir
Reed, Frances
Reid, Ray
Reis, Harold F.
Reiss, Betty Jane
Renc, William
Renfro, G.Y.
Reno, Janet, 1938-2016
Resnick, Phyllis
Reynolds, William.
Rhea, Claude M.
Rhodes, Horace
Rice, S.E.
Rice, Steppe
Richard, Will
Richards, D.J.
Richards, David J., 1879-1937
Richardson, A. J.
Riggs, Joe
Riley, R. R.
Ringhaver, L.C.
Ritchie, Charles W.
Ritchie, Mrs. Charles W.
Roberts, B.K.
Roberts, Ellis.
Roberts, Samuel
Robertson, Fred L.
Robertson, R.A.
Robinson, E. Al
Robinson, E.C.
Robinson, Eric
Robinson, George G.
Robinson, Lizzie
Rodd, Tom
Rogero, M.H.
Rogers, Furman.
Rogers, Gertrude
Rogers, Helen
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano
Roper, J.H.
Rose, R.E.
Ross, Albert D.
Row, Link
Rowden, Clifton T.
Rowe, Jack
Rowell, E.C.
Rubino, Richard G.
Ruge, George H.
Ruge, J.G.
Ruge, John G.
Rugg, Celeste G., Ca. 1904
Rugg, Virginia, Ca. 1906
Ruland, Maureen
Rush, J.D.
Rusk, Dean
Russell, A.M.C.
Russell, Albert J.
Rutledge, Pamela M.
Ryder, J.C.
Salter, Helen
Santly, Joseph H.
Sargent, John Stephen, 1846-1932
Savage, Willis
Sayler, Henry B.
Scanlon, Irene
Scarborough, Dan I.
Schlesinger, Arthur Meier, Jr., 1917-2007
Schmidt, William
Schneider, N.J.
Schoedler, Francis
Schrader, H.V.R.
Schroeder, Stacey M.
Schwartz, Abba P.
Schwartz, Bernard K.
Schwindel, Edna B., 1882-1965
Scott, David H.
Seale, Eugene F.
Seals, Dr. Rupert G.
Seavey, George B.
Seavey, O.D.
Sebring, Harold
Sebring, Harold L. (Harold Leon), 1898-1968
Seelye, H.H., Dr.
Sessa, Frank B.
Shackelford, Thomas M.
Shadduck, A.M.
Shanley, B.M., Jr.
Shattuck, James P.
Sheats, W.N.
Shelley, A.
Shepherd, Mary
Shepherd, Rose
Sherman, Alexander
Sherman, Lowry
Shevin, Robert L.
Shields, Harmon W.
Shine, Richard A., 1810-1862
Shine, W.N.
Sholtz, David, 1891-1953
Shores, J.V.
Shugart, E.
Shutting, Rudolph J.
Sibley, Charles S.
Siebert, Franz.
Sikes, Bob
Silcox, Emmit.
Silcox, John W.
Silverfriend, E.
Silverfriend, H.D.
Simmon, Abe
Simmons, Daniel A.
Simons, George W. Jr.
Simpson, Dr. J. Knox
Simpson, E.P.A.
Simpson, H. I.
Sims, Edward J.
Sims, Jacob L.
Singer, Natalia Rachel
Skinner, Sherrill "Pete"
Skipper, Jim
Skouse, W. Cleon
Slager, R.J., Mrs.
Smith, Block
Smith, Charles
Smith, Claude, Mrs.
Smith, Herb
Smith, Jim
Smith, John L.
Smith, L.W.
Smith, Lorene
Smith, Nelson Lee
Smith, Richard
Smith, Robert H.
Smith, William, Mrs.
Smith, Willis J.
Smith. O.
Snyder, Edie
Snyder, J.W.
Social Life And Customs
Soler, Gladys P.
Soloman, John F.
Somers, Cynthia
Southworth, Rolla A.
Soutter, James T.
Sowder, Wilson T.
Sparkman, S.M.
Spaulding, Marguerite
Spear, Royal
Spear, William R.
Speed, Daniel B.
Spencer, C. Lyman
Spencer, E.S.
Spinner, Francis Elias, 1802-1890.
Spurgeon, Phillip
Standley, Fred, Mrs.
Staton, Lou H.
Steele, C. Kenzie
Steele, Henry Marion, Ca. 1944
Steen, Keith
Stephens, Alafae
Stephens, Ed.
Stephens, John
Stephens, Wade C., 1916-1976
Sterchi, John
Sterk, Stephen, Mrs.
Stern, Thalia
Stevens, Alafae
Stevens, Cora
Stevens, Mable Quam
Stevens, S.B.
Stevenson, E.G.
Steward, Elmer
Steward, John W.
Stewart, A. W.
Stimpson, Edward C.
Stockton, William T.
Stokes, William.
Stone, George
Stone, Lackland M.
Stone, Richard
Stoneman, F.B.
Stoner, J.B. (Jesse Benjamin), 1924-2005
Straight, Charles
Strange, John H.
Strange, Van C.
Stratham, Jimmy
Stratham, Mary Ann
Straub, Mary J.
Street, Art
Strickland, Allison R.
Sullivan, Leonor
Summitt, H.C.
Suzuki, Mary
Swann, Samuel Ashe, 1832-1909
Swedenborg, Emanuel
Swidler, Jay A.
Switzer, Bob
Taff, W.R.
Talley-Schmidt, Eugene
Taylor, A. M.
Taylor, David
Taylor, Fran
Taylor, John B.
Taylor, R. Fenwick
Taylor, Rod
Terrell, Glenn
Terrell, W. Glenn (William Glenn), 1877-1964
Terry, H.C.
Terry, Thelma
Thern, Eva
Thomas, Carlos
Thomas, Elwyn
Thomas, Elwyn, 1894-1971
Thomas, Pat
Thomas, T. Fraser
Thomas, Tom
Thompson, Harriet
Thompson, R.W.
Thornal, Campbell
Thurmond, Strom
Tobiassen, Thomas J.
Topping, Beulah
Torgerson, Thomas.
Tougas, Gil
Townsend, Mildred
Townsend, Ralph
Tracy, Ralph
Tracy, Stanley J.
Tradewell, William
Trask, Alan
Trebell, Edith Campbell, 1883-1973
Trebell, Raymond K., 1909-1974
Tribble, Dr. H.W.
Tribble, Lewis
Tripp, Myrtilla
Truesdale, R. W.
Tucker, Donald L.
Tucker, Dr. Joanne
Tucker, Phillip
Tully, Robert.
Tunno, William M.
Turk, Col. R.C.
Turlington, Ralph
Turlington, Ralph D.
Turner, Francis M.
Turner, Fred W., 1917-1987.
Turner, J.D.
Turner, R.V.
Tuttle, Julia
Upshaw, William D.
Valentine, M. E.
Van Duzor, Thomas L., Mrs.
Vanderbilt, William Kissam, Jr.
Vanduzee, Mckee
Villepigue, Frederick L., Ca. 1826 - After 1870
Vogt, John W.
Waddell, W.M.
Wagner, A.L.
Wakefield, J.W.
Walden, Bruce
Walker, Prof. A.H.
Wallace, William Ross, 1864
Walpole, Frank A.
Walsingham, M. P.
Ward, B. L.
Ward, Ruben C.
Warden, D.L.
Ware, John T.
Warren, Fuller, 1905-1973
Washburn, Andrew
Watkins, Clay Burns
Watkins, Earl
Watkins, Eleanor Burns
Watkins, Lloyd G.
Watson, Charles H.
Watson, J. Tom
Watters, S. Paxson
Watts, Royal D.
Weathers, H.C.
Weaver, Moses G., 1863-1965
Weeks, Dennis
Wefing, George F.
Weimar, J.A.
Wenger, Julie
Wesolowski, A.P.
West, Lulu
Westcott, John
Wetherell, T.K.
Whidden, Trish
White, Clara
White, Eartha Mary Magdalene
White, J.W.
White, James.
White, Perry E.
Whitehead, Connie C.
Whiteside, George H.
Whiteside, Mattie
Whitfield, James B.
Whitfield, William K.
Whitious, Link
Whitner, Benjamin Franklin, 1868-1952
Whitous, Sherman
Widmer, Galen
Wilkie, Don W.
William, Mayo T.
Williams, Broward
Williams, Claud.
Williams, Ed
Williams, J.M.
Williams, James Hunter
Williams, Jim
Williams, Lawrence
Williams, M. A.
Williams, M.C.
Williams, Pierce
Williams, Robert Franklin (1925-1996)
Williford, Irene
Willis, Anthony E.
Willis, Brig. General
Willoughby, Hugh L.
Wills, Billie H.
Wilson, Carry F.
Wilson, Col. W.K.
Wilson, Harvey L.
Wilson, John L.
Wilson, Lori
Wilson, Timothy
Wimberly, R. Thomas
Winchell, Frank
Winchester, George
Wingate, David
Winton, Alexander
Wirth, Jack.
Wise, M.A.
Wise, Mary A.
Wolfe, J. Emmet
Wolverton, Lee
Woodruff, Jim, Jr.
Woodruff, Jim, Sr.
Woodruff, Mayor
Wright, Berlin H.
Wright, Green
Wright, Joseph
Wright, Ruby
Wright, U.M.
Wyka, Eugene
Wyka, Noime
Yaley, Theodore M.
Yates, Lucille B.
Yokel, Bernard
Yonge, C.C., Jr.
Yonge, J.E.
Youngblood, Harold
A. B. Taff & Sons, Inc.
A.G.H. Lines
Afro-American Insurance Co.
Aircraft Warning Service
All-American Sugar League
American Cancer Society
American Civil Liberties Union
American Express
American Public Welfare Association
American Red Cross
American Social Hygiene Association
Americans For Democratic Action
Apalachicola Bay Chamber Of Commerce
Apalachicola Chamber Of Commerce
Apalachicola Harbor Advisory Board
Association Of Southern Women For The Prevention Of Lynching
Atlanta Life Insurance Co.
Atlantic Coast Line Railway
Atlantic Seashore Company
Banner Of Liberty (Jasper, Fla.)
Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Bethel Baptist Church (Tallahassee, Fla)
Bill Peacock Chevrolet
Black Gold (Motion Picture)
Boston Herald.
Busch's Auto Tours
Cadillac Motor Car Company
Canal Authority Of Florida
Canal Authority Of The State Of Florida
Cape Coral Homemakers
Capital City Christian Church
Capital City Kiwanis Club
Capital Press Club Of Florida
Carleton House
Cartercar Company
Casa Ybel
Catts Realty Company
Central Life Insurance Co.
Chautauqua Literary And Scientific Circle.
Christmas Seals
City Of Apalachicola
City Of Eau Gallie
City Of Tallahassee
Civilian Public Service
Clara White Mission
Clearwater Country Club
Clermont Hotel
Clermont Motor Company
College Park Realty Co.
Colored Methodist Church
Columbia Restaurant (Tampa, Fla.)
Columbia School Of Expression (Chicago, Il.)
Columns, The (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Committee To Protect A Few Trees (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Confederate State Of America Army
Congress Of Racial Equality
Cookman Institute
Cooperative Phosphate Company
Corner House
Corral, Wodiska, Y Ca. Inc. (Tampa, Fla.)
Cuban Refugee Emergency Center
Cuesta-Rey Cigars (Tampa, Fla.)
Cummer Gallery Of Art In Jacksonville, Florida
Dance Arts Guild Of Tallahassee
Daniel Guggenheim Fund For The Promotion Of Aeronautics
Dayton Auto Truck Company
Daytona Beach Community College
DeLeon Springs Company
Disabled American Veterans
Disston Land Company
Dr. Bohannon's Hospital And Sanitarium
East Florida Seminary
Eastman Kodak Company
Eden Ciar Company (Tampa, Fla.)
F.W. Woolworth Company
Federal Correctional Institution (Tallahassee, Fla.)
First Baptist Church (Woodville, Fla.)
First Baptist Church Of Apalachicola
First National Bank Of Clermont
First Presbyterian Church (Tallahassee, Fla.)
First Unitarian Church Of Miami (Miami, Fla.)
FL Department Of Highway Safety And Motor Vehicles
Florida A&M. College
Florida Aberdeen-Angus Breeders' Association
Florida Agricultural And Mechanical University
Florida Agricultural And Mechanical University.
Florida Arts Council
Florida Audubon Society
Florida Centennial Celebration
Florida Central And Peninsular Railroad
Florida Central Railroad Company
Florida Chautauqua
Florida Comptroller
Florida Cooperative Extension Service
Florida Dairy (Tampa, Fla.)
Florida Democratic Committee
Florida Department Of Education
Florida Department Of Health And Rehabilitative Services
Florida Department Of Natural Resources
Florida Department Of State
Florida Development Commission
Florida East Coast Automobile Association
Florida East Coast Railway
Florida Federal Construction Corporation (Tampa, Fla.)
Florida Federation Of Garden Clubs
Florida Forest Service
Florida Game And Fresh Water Fish Commission
Florida Game And Fresh Water Fish Commission.
Florida Governor's Mansion (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Florida Highway Patrol
Florida House Of Representatives
Florida Land And Immigration Company
Florida Military Institute
Florida Militia
Florida New Deal Statue Association
Florida Normal College (White Springs, Fla.)
Florida Orange Grove Company
Florida Park Service
Florida Railroad Company
Florida Railway & Navigation Company
Florida Sate Fair
Florida Savings Bank
Florida Senate
Florida Southern Railway
Florida State Board Of Health
Florida State Capitol (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Florida State Chamber Of Commerce
Florida State College For Women
Florida State Defense Council
Florida State Fiddlers Association
Florida State Normal School
Florida State Planning Board
Florida State Prison
Florida State Road Department
Florida State University
Florida State University--Football
Florida State University.
Florida Supreme Court
Florida Theater
Florida Times-Union Company
Florida Transit Railroad Company
Florida Union
Florida Water Conservation League
Florida Woman's Christian Temperance Union
Florida Women's Christian Temperance Union
Florida--Governor (1979-1987 : Graham)
Florida, Office Of The Governor
Florida, State Board Of Health
Florida. Attorney General (1949-1964 : Ervin)
Florida. Board Of Conservation
Florida. Circuit Court (11th Circuit)--Officials And Employees.
Florida. Comptroller's Office (1946-1955 : Gay)
Florida. Department Of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles
Florida. Division Of Motor Vehicles.
Florida. Governor (1901-1905 : Jennings)
Florida. Governor (1949-1953 : Warren)
Florida. Governor (1971-1979 : Askew)
Florida. Legislature.
Florida. Legislature. House Of Representatives
Florida. Legislature. Senate
Florida. Office Of Secretary Of State (1930-1961 : Gray)
Florida. State Board Of Health
Florida. State Department Of Education (1949-1965 : Bailey)
Florida. State Livestock Sanitary Board
Florida. State Road Department
Florida. Supreme Court Justice (1923-1964 : Terrell)
Florida. Supreme Court Justice (1937-1952 : Chapman)
Florida. Supreme Court Justice (1938-1969 : Thomas)
Florida. Supreme Court Justice (1940-1951 : Adams)
Florida. Supreme Court Justice (1943-1955 : Sebring)
Florida. Supreme Court Justice (1946-1949 : Barns)
Florida. Supreme Court Justice (1948-1962 : Hobson)
Florida. Treasurer's Office (1941-1965 : Larson)
Food Fair Stores
Fort George Island Company
Fort Lauderdale News
Fort Myers Symphony Orchestra
Franklin County Board Of Health
Freedman's Savings Bank
G.H. Gato & Company
Gardner Asphalt Products (Tampa, Fla.)
General Assembly Of The State Of Alabama
Grand Lodge Of Florida
Greater Mount Pleasant Baptist Church (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Griffin Junior High School (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Grove, The (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Gulf Specimen Marine Lab, Inc.
H. Nophsinger & Co.
H.L. Hart's Daily Line Steamers
Harris, Applegate & Co.
Hart Line Steamers
Hart's Line
Hav-A-Tampa Cigars (Tampa, Fla.)
Heavy Mortar Company
Hernandez House, The
Hernando County Food Advisory Committee
Hillsborough County Defense Council
Hotel Palm Beach
Hupp Motor Car Company
Ideal Fertilizer
Independent Order Of Odd Fellows
Institute Of Food And Agricultural Sciences, University Of Florida
International Swimming Hall Of Fame
Interstate Sugar Cane Grower's Association
Island Hotel
Jacksonville Area Chamber Of Commerce
Jacksonville Times-Union
Jacksonville, Tampa & Key West Railway Company
Jasper News (Jasper, Fla.)
Jefferson County Historical Association
Jefferson Theatre (St. Augustine, Fla.)
John Wesley Methodist Church (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Kelsey And Wellington
Key West Citizen
Keyes Company Realtors.
Koreshan Unity
Kraft Foods
Ku Klux Klan
Ku Klux Klan Of Florida
L. F. Dewey & Co.
L'Unione Italiana (Tampa, Fla.)
Lake Wales Chamber Of Commerce
League Of Women Voters Of Florida
League Of Women Voters Of Tallahassee
Legislative Council Of The Territory Of Florida
Leon County Citizen's Committee In Support Of The 1963 Leon County School Bond Election
Leon County Defense Council
Leon County Health Department
Leon County Impeach Nixon Committee
Leon County Medical Society
Leon County Mental Health Association
Leon High School (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Levy County Chamber Of Commerce
Lewis Plantation (Brooksville, Fla)
Lincoln High School (Tallahassee, Fla.)
London Express
Lucas' New Line
Magnuson Properties, Inc.
Marion County Cattlemen's Association
Maxwell Motor Company, Inc.
Maxwell-Briscoe Motor Company
McCrory's (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Mcmillan Realty, Inc.
Melbourne Times
Miami Beach Federal Bank (Miami Beach, Fla.)
Miami Beach Sun
Miami Beach Unitarian Fellowship (Miami, Fla.)
Miami Chamber Of Commerce
Miami Dolphins (Football Team)
Miami Humanist Association (Miami, Fla.)
Miami Public Library
Miami Telephone Company
Miami Theosophical Society (Miami, Fla.)
Mildred Fleming School Of Dancing
Mountain Lake Corporation
Mucklan Farms
Munro Opera House
Musa Isle Indian Village (Miami, Fla.)
National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People
National Council Of Churches
National Educational Television
National Educational Television & Radio Center
National Educational Television And Radio Center
Natural Bridge Battlefield (Fla.)
Nature Conservancy
Neisners (Tallahassee, Fla.)
New England Emigrant Aid Company
Nutrition Service, Florida State Board Of Health
O.K. Ice Company
Ocala Banner
Ocala Stud Farm
Ocklawaha Navigation Company
Office Of Price Administration
Office Of War Information
Old Capitol (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Orange City Immigration Society
Orange County Chamber Of Commerce
Orlando Sentinel Star
Orlando Twins (Baseball Team)
Packer Of Florida, Inc.
Palmetto Lodge No. 25, Independent Order Of Odd Fellows
Pensacola And Atlantic Railroad
Pensacola Municipal Advertising Board
Pensacola Timber And Lumber Exchange
Phillis Wheatley Association (Cleveland, Ohio)
Pine Castle Arts Center
Pinellas County Guards
Pipkin Mineral Wells Bath House
Plant System Of Railways, Steamship Lines, And Hotels
Plastic Plants Company
Political Digest (firm)
Puritan Land Company
Putnam County Chamber Of Commerce
Putnam House
Quincy Chamber Of Commerce (Fla.
Radio Free Dixie (Radio Program)
Raul Vega (Tampa, Fla.)
Republican Party
Rexall Drug Store
Rollins College
Roux Crate Company
Royal Burger
Ruy Lopez Tobacco Factory
S.G. Searing & Co.
Saint Augustine Alligator Farm, Inc (Fla)
Saint Johns Railway Company Of Florida
Saturday Evening News
Saul-Bridges Post #13, American Legion
Sauls-Bridges Post No. 13, American Legion
Sauls-Bridges Unit No. 13, American Legion Auxiliary
Savannah, Florida & Western Railway
Sears, Roebuck And Company
Seminole Sight-Seeing Service, Inc.
Six Gun Territory (Ocala, Fla.)
Sons Of Temperance Grand Division Of State Of Florida.
Sons Of The American Revolution
South Florida Farms Company
South Florida Railroad
Southern Bell Telephone And Telegraph Company
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Spring Bayou Inn
St. Andrews Bay Railroad And Land Company
St. Francis Inn
St. Johns And Ocklawaha River Line
St. Johns Hotel
St. Johns Railroad Company
St. Johns River Boat Yard
St. Michael And All Angels Episcopal Church (Tallahassee, Fla.)
State Bank Of Florida
State Board Of Health
State Of Florida, Office Of The Comptroller
Steamboat Fearless
Superior Court Of The Middle District Of Florida
Sutherland And McConnel Company
Sweetbay Swamp Committee, Inc.
Tallahassee Association Of Christian Women
Tallahassee Babe Ruth Baseball
Tallahassee Chamber Of Commerce
Tallahassee Civic Ballet
Tallahassee Democrat
Tallahassee Floridian
Tallahassee Jaycees
Tallahassee Junior Chamber Of Commerce
Tallahassee Junior College Student Government
Tallahassee Junior Museum
Tallahassee Junior Woman's Club
Tallahassee National Organization For Women
Tallahassee Peace Coalition
Tallahassee Raceway
Tallahassee Recreation Department
Tallahassee Society Of Friends
Tallahassee Urban League
Tampa Board Of Trade
Tampa Fronton (Tampa, Fla.)
Tampa Stud Farms, Inc.
The Columbia Bank Of Ybor City (Tampa, Fla.)
The White Company
Thomas Guest House
Tiffany Tile Corporation (Tampa, Fla.)
Tin Can Tourists Of The World, Inc.
TNT Hideaway, Inc.
Tony's Fish Market
Triumph The Church And Kingdom Of God In Christ
Tydings And Company
U.S. Crop Corps
Union Bank Of Florida
Union Bus Terminal
United Church Of Tallahassee
United Confederate Veterans, Florida Division
United Methodist Church
United Nations
United States Army Nurse Corps
United States Cadet Nurse Corps
United States Circuit Court
United States Military
United States Office Of Civil Defense
United States Office Of Civilian Defense
United States Office Of War Information
United States Senate Committee On Transportation
United States Women's Army Auxiliary Corps
United States--Congress--Senate
United States--President (1974-1977 : Ford)
United States--President (1977-1981 : Carter)
United States. Army. Florida Infantry Regiment, 1st. Company M
United States. Federal Emergency Relief Administration
United States. Food Distribution Administration
United States. Office Of Civilian Defense
United States. Office Of Price Administration
United States. Office Of War Information
United States. President (1913-1921 : Wilson)
United States. War Food Administration
University Of Miami
University Of North Florida.
Veterans For Peace
Victory Corps
Villzaon & Company, Inc. (Tampa, Fla.)
Wakulla County Agricultural Agent's Office
Wakulla County Board Of Commissioners
Wakulla County Chamber Of Commerce
Wakulla County Health Department
Wakulla Springs State Park
Walgreens (Firm)
War Production Board
Weeki Wachee Springs (Fla. : Amusement Park)
Weekiewachee Spring
West Palm Beach Band
Westbrook Country Club (Miami, Fla.)
WFSU (Radio Station : Tallahassee, Fla)
WFSU (Television Station : Tallahassee, Fla.)
Wide-Awake Farm
Willys-Overland Company
Winton Motor Car Company
WLBW (Television Station : Miami, Fla)
Women's Christian Temperance Union (Dunedin, Fla.)
WSRE-TV (Pensacola, Fla.)
WTHS-TV (Miami, Fla.)
WUFT (Television Station : Gainesville, Fla)
WUSF Public Media
Xerox Corporation

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