Remembering State Archivist Edward Tribble (1943-2019)

The staff of the State Archives of Florida were saddened to hear this week of the passing of former State Archivist Edward “Ed” Jennings Tribble. He was 76 years old. Mr. Tribble’s many passions included a love of history and the arts, and he will be long remembered for his lifelong dedication to preserving historical records for future generations.

Left to Right: June, Kermit, Jenny, Ardell and Ed Tribble in DeLand, Florida, 1957, box 1, folder 2, Florida postcards and photographs, 1934-1974 (M99-20), State Archives of Florida.

Mr. Tribble was born August 10, 1943 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but grew up in DeLand. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history from Stetson University in 1968 and a master’s degree in library science from Florida State University in 1969. After working as a librarian in Tennessee from 1969 to 1973, he returned to Florida and was hired as an archivist at the newly established State Archives of Florida. At various times, Mr. Tribble was in charge of the State Archives reference desk and its arrangement and description program, and he most notably served as State Archivist. Before leaving this post in 1985, Mr. Tribble helped move the State Archives’ collections into the new R.A. Gray Building when it opened in 1977, and developed the first alphanumerical classification system for the Archives’ collections.

Edward Tribble with Motorcycle in DeLand, Florida, 1957, box 1, folder 11, Florida postcards and photographs, 1934-1974 (M99-20), State Archives of Florida.

Upon leaving the State Archives, Mr. Tribble co-founded the research firm Florida Information Associates, Inc. and worked there until his retirement with his wife of 37 years, Connie Beane. However, his interest in preserving Florida’s history extended well beyond his tenure at the State Archives. He donated many records to the State Archives in recent years, including two collections of Tribble family papers and a sizable collection of Florida postcards and photographs from the years 1934-1947. These collections enrich researchers’ cultural understanding of Florida and document the experiences of members of the Tribble family, ranging from their involvement in local politics to service during World War II.

The State Archives of Florida would not be the institution it is today without the work of Mr. Tribble. Grateful for his contributions to the information profession in Florida, State Archives staff offer condolences to Mr. Tribble’s family. He will be missed.

For more information, see Mr. Tribble’s obituary at!/Obituary.

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