Florida Memory Wall Calendar

Show your love for Florida Memory, and your four-legged friends, by requesting a Paw Prints: Florida Pets, Remembered wall calendar! This complimentary 15-month (Oct. 2016 – Dec. 2017) calendar features photographs from the State Archives’ collections depicting special moments between Floridians and their pets. Each image has been carefully tinted to recapture the original living colors of its time.

The calendar features 15 unique images.

The calendar features 15 unique images.

Individuals and organizations alike may request our calendar. Send your request to archives@dos.myflorida.com, or contact the State Archives Reference Desk at 850.245.6719. Quantities may be limited depending on supply availability. All items are shipped free of charge.

Looking for more ways to help spread the word about Florida Memory? Visit our promotional items page to request posters, mousepads, CDs and brochures.

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8 thoughts on “Florida Memory Wall Calendar

  1. Hi!

    I have your 2018 wall calendar and I LOVE it!!! I want one for 2019 if you published one. In fact, I want several!! Could you please reply and let me know how to purchase? Thank you! BTW, I am 6th Generation Floridian – may have some photos to send in….

    • Hello,

      We no longer have 2019 Florida Memory calendars available for mailing, but you can contact your local library in Florida to see if they have any available. Florida libraries received limited quantities of the 2019 calendar. Calendars are complimentary.

      If you are interested in donating photos to the State Archives, please refer to our donations page for more information: https://www.floridamemory.com/how_do_i/donate/.


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