Photo Mystery Monday: January 4, 2016

Happy New Year and welcome to the first Photo Mystery Monday of 2016! Let’s travel back in time a little…

What is going on in this picture? Do you have a guess as to what year it might be? Where in Florida could this be?

What people, objects and activities do you notice?

Try an artist’s trick. Divide the photo into four quadrants and study each section. What new details do you see?

Based on what you have observed, what can you infer from this photograph? What questions do you have?

Come back on Friday when we will update the post with more identifying information!

UPDATE: Edward F. Andrews in a glider towed by an automobile at Daytona Beach in 1911

This photo shows Edward F. Andrews in a glider towed by an automobile at Daytona Beach in 1911.

Mr. Andrews had this comment about his experience:

“I have found this to be dangerous. A machine, which if free would be perfectly safe, is made as erratic as a child’s kite by the attachment of a rope. I, for one, shall seek other means of getting into the air.”

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3 thoughts on “Photo Mystery Monday: January 4, 2016

  1. I aree with the first response. A human kite, looking like a bird being pulled by a motorized vehicle that looks like a xmas
    sleigh along Daytona Beach. Whats throwing me off it being on
    Daytona Beach is that it looks like way in the background is
    a huge building like a resort. Jan Knowles

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