October 11, 1864: William McLeod Diary Entry

The following post is part of an ongoing series entitled Civil War Voices from Florida. Each day in October 2014, Florida Memory will post a document from the collections of the State Archives of Florida written exactly 150 years before that date, in October 1864.

Today’s Civil War Voices entry takes us back to northwestern Georgia to check up on William McLeod of Manatee County. On October 8th, we learned that McLeod had been camping with his regiment near Cedar Town, GA en route to join Confederate General John Bell Hood’s army. Today he reports a little resistance from Union opponents in the area.

Note: McLeod often wrote in run-on sentences, combining several days of activity into each expression. As a result, today’s entry covers multiple days’ worth of material from the diary.

Pages 50-51 from the diary of William McLeod (Collection M97-20, State Archives of Florida).

Pages 50-51 from the diary of William McLeod (Collection M97-20, State Archives of Florida).

Transcript: […] went to Cove Springs & camped their was a nice little town & we staid all night & on the 10 we left that camp & their was a rite smart frost & on the 9 was a cold frosty morning & we got to Tallapoosee river by 12 or 1 oclock but crossed Cellur creek in the morning & when we got to Tallapoosee river we rested a little while & then crossed over the river.



it was the Coosy river & went 3 or 4 miles & camped & staid all night & on the 11 we made a long march & camped after we crossed the armuchie river & the Yankees fired at us but done no damage & on the 12 we made a long march & got in 15 miles of dalton & camped & on the 13 we left our camps by daylight now to take dalton & we marched around in the rear of dalton […]


McLeod’s unit was involved in the effort to impede Union General William T. Sherman’s progress through Georgia. Sherman would ultimately decide to leave a single corps of troops in Atlanta to maintain Union control while he swept across the state toward Savannah.

For more information about Florida and Floridians during the Civil War, check out the related resources below. Also, join us tomorrow for another edition of Civil War Voices. We’ll be posting a letter from private Albert Symington Chalker of Clay County, Florida to his sweetheart Martha Bardin. Chalker shares his feelings about the war and his hopes for the future.

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