Gregor McGregor (Part Two)

McGregor settled in on Amelia Island after capturing the Spanish town and blockhouse at Fernandina.

After Gregor McGregor captured the small fort and block houses at Fernandina on Amelia Island in June of 1817, he sent the Spanish prisoners to St. Augustine. McGregor planned to continue his invasion of North Florida, but delayed at Amelia Island to set up a government of his own. He established a postal delivery system, acquired a printing press for a local newspaper, issued his own currency and flew his own flag, a green cross on a white background.

Gregor McGregor's flag

He even struck medals for his troops:

Medal given to McGregor's army

Medals given to McGregor's army

McGregor and his officers abandoned Amelia Island on September 4th, leaving behind a small group of men at the fort. Amelia Island was annexed to the Republic of Mexico a few weeks later. The United States then took over in December, 1817.

Where McGregor went immediately after Florida isn’t clear. He showed up in London in 1820, claiming to have been made a prince of the Principality of Poyais – which doesn’t exist. He worked a land selling scheme (selling land from a country that didn’t exist) for a number of years and ended up in Venezuela. He died there in December 1845.

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