“Scenes of the Everglades” (1928)

Businessman and adventurer Homer Augustus Brinkley produced “Scenes of the Everglades” in 1928 to illustrate the exotic environment found in the Florida Everglades. He later used the film in a traveling show, which included a live caged bear and Brinkley dressed as a Seminole Indian.

This film shows perhaps the earliest known moving images of the Florida Seminoles. They are shown playing their version of the southeastern Indian stick ball game, performing traditional dances and tending to the business of daily life. Most of the Seminole footage was taken at a camp known as Californee in the western Big Cypress. Also included in Brinkley’s film are scenes of wildlife, plants and views of the Florida Everglades.

“Scenes of the Everglades” is one of seven full-length films available on Florida Memory featuring footage of the Florida Everglades.

Want to learn more about the environmental history of the Florida Everglades? The University of Florida has digitized nearly 100,000 pages from their archival collections on the subject.

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