3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jackie Gleason!

  1. I had no idea the Jackie Gleason Show was ever filmed in Miami. I never watched it, but I always remember the scene from Back to the Future where they talk about it. Really cool to know.

  2. My dad always used to tell me about that show. I am sure he already knows it was once filmed down in south Florida but I will tell him anyway! Happy Birthday Jackie Gleason!

  3. I remember going to the show at a very young age with my parents in Miami. The city and the show seemed so glamorous compared to North Florida. I felt like we were at the center of the universe. A few years later I rode in an Eldorado car that had supposedly been purchased from Gleason by a friend of my parents. I thought for sure I would find a stash of $100 bills under the carpet or some discarded jewelry in the ash tray! And, I would have insisted we return these things to Mr. Gleason immediately!! Happy Birthday

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