The Peyton Brothers

The Peyton Brothers

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Recorded on Sunday, May 30, 1993, on the Folk Festival’s Main Stage.

Transcript of the Introduction

Welcome back to the Florida Folklife Collection Podcast Series from the State Library and Archives of Florida. Family groups and brother acts are not rare in country, bluegrass, and traditional music, where the bond of family is revered and where ensemble singing is common. Family groups were certainly never far removed from the roster of talent at The Florida Folk Festival. This month's podcast features one of Florida's own musically gifted fraternal outfits.

The Peyton Brothers, originally of Jacksonville, attended the Florida Folk Festival as spectators for many years before they became perennial favorites of its stage. Their familiarity with the traditions and history of the annual gathering made them instant favorites, as much for their music as for their ability to interweave remembrances of early festival events into their performances. In 1981, The Peyton Brothers disbanded for several years as various opportunities sent them to different corners of the United States. However, it wasn't long after they found themselves residents of Florida again that they were enthusiastically received by the folk festival audience once more.

The following performance was recorded on Sunday, May 30, 1993, on the Folk Festival's Main Stage and illustrates how brothers, John, Dan, Michael, and Lee Peyton transformed their musical hobby into a family tradition that delights and entertains Florida audiences to this day.