Gamble Rogers

Gamble Rogers

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(0:53:55; 63MB; S1576; tape T80-15 & T80-16)

Gamble Rogers performing at the 1978 Florida Folk Festival in White Springs, Florida.

Transcript of the Introduction

Hello and welcome to the State Library and Archives of Florida. This is the inaugural MP3 podcast from the Florida Folklife Collection. My name is Jamie Madden. I'm the audio archivist here at the Archives responsible for the digitization and preservation of the audio materials in this collection.

During the processing of the Florida Folklife recordings, we've discovered several exciting performances. Some of them have been included on two promotional compact discs we've released entitled Music from the Florida Folklife Collection and More Music from the Florida Folklife Collection. These audio selections are also available here on our site. Hopefully, some of you have had a chance to listen to and enjoy those recordings. We felt that podcasting provided yet another excellent means for sharing some of these discoveries with researchers and music lovers.

In our first installment, we'd like to feature a performance by a revered figure of the Florida folk community, Gamble Rogers, a raconteur and musician who is remembered as much for his character and warmth of spirit as he is for his music.

This performance is from May 27, 1978. It was recorded at the 1978 Florida Folk Festival. Let's hand the microphone over to Cousin Thelma Boltin and Gamble Rogers. Enjoy.