More Music from the Florida Folklife Collection

More Music from the Florida Folklife Collection

This CD features selections from well-known artists such as Don Grooms, Etta Baker, Bill Monroe, Doc Watson, and Jean Ritchie.

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Track Listing

1. Give a Poor Dog a Bone - Mary McClain & Willie James
Recorded May 28, 1993, in White Springs
(S1576, D93-6)

2. Somewhere to Lay My Head - The Williams Singers
Recorded May 27, 1988, in White Springs
(S1576, T88-16)

3. I Believe - Don Grooms
Recorded May 28, 1995, by Nancy Buchanan in White Springs
(S1576, D95-36)

4. Butter Beans - Thelma Boltin & Tom Walton
Recorded May 24, 1985, in White Springs
(S1576, T85-1)

5. Chu Shui Lian [Lotus Emerging from the Water] - Ann Yao
Recorded May 22, 1992, in White Springs
(S1576, T92-7)

6. The Cuckoo - Doc & Merle Watson
Recorded April 30, 1977, in White Springs
(S1576, T77-281)

7. One Dime Blues - Etta Baker
Recorded May 28, 1994, in White Springs
(S1576, D94-28)

8. Qua Cãu Gió Bay [The Wind on the Bridge] - Phạm Duy
Recorded May 6, 1966, in White Springs
(S1576, T77-158)

9. The Water Is Wide - Bob & Evelyne Beers
Recorded May 4, 1963, in White Springs
(S1576, T77-143)

10. Kimble's Rachael - Amy Cox, Bob Murphy & Gerry Cox
Recorded May 24, 1991, in White Springs
(S1576, T91-14)

11. Gonna Paint the Town - The Stanley Brothers & the Clinch Mountain Boys
Recorded c. 1958 on WNER's Suwannee River Jamboree radio program in Live Oak
(S1576, T85-66)

12. Kind Hearted Woman Blues - Johnny Shines
Recorded April 16, 1977, in White Springs
(S1576, T77-277)

13. The Cruel Mother - Jeanie Fitchen
Recorded May 22, 1992, in White Springs
(S1576, T92-67)

14. Back in the Saddle Again - Jim Bob Tinsley
Recorded March 9, 1984, by Nancy Nusz in Ocala
(S1576, C84-10)

15. Lord Wellington's Reel - James Kelly & George Phillips
Recorded May 22, 1992, in White Springs
(S1576, T92-67)

16. Nottamun Town - Jean Ritchie
Recorded December 5, 1976, in White Springs
(S1576, T77-262)

17. Until I Found the Lord - The Williams Family
Recorded March 16, 1980, by Dwight DeVane, Brenda McCallum & Stephen McCallum in Jonesville
(S1576, T83-65)

18. The Wayfaring Stranger - Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys
Recorded May 29, 1993, in White Springs
(S1576, D93-25)