Florida Department of Education on iTunes U

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This service offers an additional way to access the valuable educational content available from Florida's school districts, state agencies, and non-profit organizations. Florida on iTunes U brings together teaching, professional development, and cultural resources for educators and students. Partners include the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, the Florida Center for Interactive Media, the Florida Humanities Council, the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind, and the Florida Virtual School.

World Digital Library

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A selection of significant records from the State Library and Archives of Florida are featured on the World Digital Library (WDL). Its mission is to make available on the Internet, free of charge and in multilingual format, significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world. The content is in a variety of formats and languages, from different places and time periods, including manuscripts, maps, rare books, recordings, films, prints, photographs, architectural drawings, and other types of primary sources.

National Digital Stewardship Alliance

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The Florida Department of State's Division of Library and Information Services is a member of the Library of Congress's National Digital Stewardship Alliance initiative. The National Digital Stewardship Alliance is a collaborative effort among government agencies, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and businesses to preserve digital collections for the benefit of citizens now and in the future. Goals include developing improved preservation standards and practices; working with experts to identify categories of digital information that are most worthy of preservation; and taking steps to incorporate content into a national collection.